\ Haven:Mist and Shadow Gameplay/Petition


Syntax: Make Petition

Petitions allow players to communicate issues to staff, they are the only way to do so that is guaranteed to be seen.

To create a petition simply type make petition and then fill in the fields, possible types are bug, suggestion and request. The to field can be left blank, and should be used if there's one staff member in particular you need to look at your petition, this is particularly useful if you need Daed or Discordance to look at a petition.

Description puts you in an editor to write your petition and when you're done typing done will complete and send it. Petitions will last forever until a staffer sets them as resolved or dismissed, and then will last for a further 5 or so days after that.

Note Staff often gets a hundred or more petitions a week, of these most will be dismissed. For instance 90% of bug reports are not actually bugs, but just someone misunderstanding/misusing code or plain not liking something. Because of the very high noise to signal ratio it's inevitable that some legitimate petitions will be overlooked, and we apologize in advance for these situations.

Note on Bugs Most bug reports, even for real bugs are generally written in a fairly bad way. If you'd like your issue to have a high chance of being investigated and fixed you need to be clear and concise, give all character names where relevant and report the bug in a way that's reproducible. It's very common for someone to report a bug as simply X doesn't work, then a staffer tries it and it works fine and the issue is dismissed. Even though there may well be a bug, but it's that it only occurs in certain circumstances which they weren't informed of. With enough time staff can fix essentially any bug as long as it's reliably reproducible.

Renovate petition types are applications to be given ownership of a property and a special flag allowing for free decoration up until the first rental payment, which will also be free. These are granted when someone makes a solid argument for wanting to change an existing property into something more in theme or appropriate to the setting and should include the problems with the existing property as well as the proposed changes.