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The Order

This group is made up of a blend of supernaturals and naturals who believe that supernatural abilities are a gift that should be used to help others. While simple in theory in practice debates about the best way to help others plague the Order and can cause some to believe they have little direction or impact.

Members of the Order however are unified in their desire to help people and make the world a better place. Many of them are true and selfless heroes, although it must be said that glory hounds are often found in their ranks too. Most of the supernaturals in their number are either new to their power or possess incredible mental discipline to over the slide into corruption.

The Order simply wants to make the world a better and more equal place with less poverty, disease, death, misery, inequality and pain. They try and prevent others from causing these problems by rehabilitation or finding ways to weaken or impair their ability to do so, detainment, Venetian oaths, weakening curses etc.

Order governments tend to operate out of houses, changing which one they use semi-regularly. They are formed of a small council of elder who make their decisions. Order governments are very strict with long law books formed for governing their areas. Generally speaking if something is illegal in the mundane world, it's supernatural equivalent is illegal as well, using supernatural abilities to gamble, or get favourable deals and so on are even crimes, although relatively mild ones. While the most officious of the factions, they're also often the most willing to be of aid if you have a good cause.

If someone is accused of breaking the law, they are given a full trial with an Order judge and a jury of random supernaturals. Putting this trial together however can sometimes take months and it's not uncommon for people to be detained longer awaiting trial, than they would have if found guilty. Their punishments are typically fines or time in specially designed prisons.

Shieldbearers are the largest military group with The Order and are responsible for the protection of others.

The Shieldbearers are tasked with handling all the Order's defense and siege work. Usually deploying in practical street wear, but with a signature coat or jacket to identify themselves(typically brown) they tend to use heavy armor and favor emplaced heavy weaponry. They tend to prefer to pick areas of high value or impact and then set up defenses and emplaced weaponry in that area to ensure it stays with the Order. They are vulnerable however to being caught while moving locations. They often take round ballistic shields with them into battle, using them to cover each other when needed, or placing them along walls to help fortify an area against weapons fire, they are usually called 'girls' by the other factions.

Swordbearers are a smaller group with the Order, dedicated to proactive efforts to deal with threats before the shieldbearers may be needed.

The Swordbearers are the most mobile of the divisions, they tend to favor fairly light armor and weapons such as pistols and submachine guns. Usually deploying in practical street wear, but with a signature coat or jacket to identify themselves(typically brown) they are also the most melee focused of the divisions and generally try to use their mobility to close and or flank the enemies before tearing into them in close quarters combat. Swordbearers are often called 'dogs' by the other factions.

Librarians are the support and investigative arm of the Order, and those who're less focused on conflict than on research and finding ways to improve the world through the occult.

After the Gods and Fae left earth behind, some of their former students and acolytes formed several supernatural councils. A druidic council in the northwest of Europe was initially a small time player in the supernatural world but eventually grew into a powerful player called The Order who saw to the destruction of the Western Roman Empire.

Throughout the medieval period they controlled most of Central Europe. The Industrial revolution led to the decline of the power of the supernatural and after World War Two the Order was left shattered, broken up into a dozen smaller fragments which rose and fell over the following decades. One year after the supposed defeat of Et-Aral however several in the supernatural community started advocating for greater cohesion, the need to return to larger, more powerful groups to safeguard the world and The Order began to regather its strength.