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White Oak

Illumination through Faith.

The White Oak Institute is an Academic Medical centre located in Haven MA. The campus combines an undergraduate college and local hospital with a particularly developed mental health wing.

As well as regular classes the college also offers lessons that specialize in the supernatural, helping newly developed supernatural harness and control their abilities in a safe and controlled environment. The conjoined mental health clinic allows them to more effectively manage the often mentally unstable students while also providing services to the wider Haven community.

The clinic is also frequently used by the societies which operate out of Haven to store prisoners or other inconvenient individuals where they won't be able to interfere with their affairs.

The college has several athletic programs with the teams being known as the White Oak Wildcats. While football tends to draw the most attention the school tends to perform better at lacrosse and competitive cheer.

The college is a faith-based but non-denominational institution with dedicated chaplains and regular religious events and activities. The institute is quite conservative and brags consistently about the effectiveness of its abstinence-only sex education programs. There is even a traditional school uniform although it is only compulsory for one or two formal events.

The Faculty of White Oak are almost always recruited from out of state without much in the way of local connections.

While rarely spoken outright it is widely understood that the White Oak Institute aims to prevent newly developing supernaturals and others involved in the supernatural world from falling to corruption through instilling discipline and faith in the student body.