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Name: Astaroth
Pseudonyms: Roth.
Age: Millennia.
Archetype: Demon.
Corruption: Science, technology, art, and philosophy corrupted in their extremes.
Domain: The Crucible of Flesh.

Sympathy for the Devil

An historic patron of philosophers, the demon has a penchant for waxing philosophical and pontificating on the fall of Hell and the failings of other hypernaturals.

Eye for Art

Those who practice art, especially near the gates and within his reach, are liable to attract the demon's eye.

Wheeler and Dealer

In Hell, Astaroth is famed not for his martial prowess but for his ability to strike bargains both with mortal powers and the demons embroiled in infernal warfare. He's known by some to trade weapons and information to all sides of conflict in Hell.

Secret Keeper

The demon is known as a collector of secrets, and both takes and gives these secrets in trade when bargaining.



“Don't worry, I will be back. I'm too curious to not.”

Sua Swann, Reporter.

“When "What have I done?" becomes "What more can I do?" Maybe I shall be forever lost. Or will it be eternity found? Whatever it is, it is too late now to look back.”

Ms. Dunn

“Daddy Brainworm is a class act. He wears slick suits. He says nice things. I don't actually want a brainworm like Bahbie, but also like... He almost sells it as being real cool to do.”