\ Haven:Mist and Shadow Lore/Angelborn


A long time ago, powerful flesh mages created the ultimate servants for themselves. They designed them to be beautiful, to have wings and the power of flight for speedy transportation, and most importantly to be incredibly supernaturally empathic. These beings would feel the wants, needs, pains and dislikes of those around them more keenly than their own. If you wanted a message delivered, they wanted to deliver it, if you wanted your feet rubbed, they wanted to rub your feet. They were the perfect servants, however eventually the secret to creating them was lost and over time they died out. Their descendants, however, remain. It's unclear if they were named Angels because of their similarity to the biblical beings, or if indeed the biblical beings were named Angels because of their similarity to them.

Their descendants today are referred to as Angelborn, none today still have wings or any remnants of them, but many like heights and dream of flying. They are also more attractive than most people and tend to live a little longer. Most importantly they still have some degree of the Angelic empathy, while not nearly as strong, they still naturally want the same things as those around them. It works like a sort of unspoken peer pressure, and draws them naturally to jobs and lifestyles that are more selfless or service oriented. It's common to find them working in charities or as aid workers, or even as masseuse or prostitutes.

The tears of the Angelborn can be used to make a sort of love potion. If someone swallows a shot glass or so worth of Angelborn tears they will be infected by a powerful version of angelic empathy, focused on the first person they become aware of. For the next 5-6 days that person's wants and desires will become their wants and desires and they'd do whatever they can to fulfill them.

Today angelborn genes are erratic like other supernatural genes. Usually activating only once every three of four generations. The chances of any of your direct family also being active angelborn is astronomically small, but it possible for a grandparent or great grandparent to be. There's also a decent chance that twins, both fraternal and identical will share the trait if one has it.

Angelborn much like faeborn and demonborn can be either latent, passive or active.

Latents are effectively entirely human, but there is a chance that at some point in their adult lift the latent genes will activate and they will become either active or passive.

Passive angelborns are mostly human, but they have the appearance of angelborn and their supernatural empathy. They also have a special type of blood that's used in certain rituals.

Active angelborns are passives until around the end of puberty, usually seventeen to nineteen, when they activate. They also sometimes activate later in life, although this is very rare in people not living near the Gate. As well as the effects of passive angelborns actives also gain other amazing supernatural powers.

  • Note: Angelborns are physically entirely human in appearance.

When they were first created angels were given a vulnerability to obsidian in case their empathy ever failed at keeping them in line. While this has never truly been needed the vulnerability is still present to this day. Angels and their angelborn decendents become weakened whenever struck by obsidian weapons and cannot break out of obsidian bonds or cages no matter their preternatural strength.