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The faeborn are those fae in their family line. These fae genes activate erratically, usually for one child in every three or four generations. The chances of any of your direct family being active faeborn is astronomically small, but it is possible for a grandparent or great grandparent to do. There's also a decent chance that twins, both fraternal and identical will share the trait if one has it.

Faeborn tend to be smaller in stature than most humans, and have more delicate, elfin like features. They also tend to have a greater predisposition towards mischief and often a bit less empathy for others compared to most people. The faeborn tend to attract extremes in luck, being far more likely to for instance win the lottery, but also more likely to be wrongfully imprisoned. The faeborn's natural uncontrolled influence on fate can sometimes be harnessed. If a faeborn is captured and held prisoner by any person in any way, that person will benefit from greatly improved luck for the duration of the captivity. The faeborn also won't attract the same extremes in luck they normally would while held captive. There are three basic types of faeborn latent, active and passive.

Latent Faeborn are effectively entirely human, but there is a chance that at some point in their adult life the latent genes will activate and they will become either active or passive faeborn.

Passive Faeborn are almost entirely human, but they have the appearance of faeborn attract the same extremes in luck and have a special type of blood that's used in certain rituals.

Active Faeborn are passives usually until around the end of puberty, usually seventeen to nineteen, when they activate. They also sometimes activate later in life, although this is very, very rare in people not living near the Gate. As well as the effects of passive faeborns the Actives once they activate have amazing and varied powers. Often gaining supernatural strength, magical abilities or shape shifting skills.

  • Note: Faeborns are physically entirely human in appearance.