\ Haven:Mist and Shadow Lore/Humans


Humans are those who have no inherent supernatural gifts, they compete with weaponry, training and/or magic.


This archetype represents those who have lived in Haven for some time. They can use the fame command to set a local fame string that will be seen by any other local who looks at them, appearing as 'He/she is known locally for (string)' this is usually used to represent their job, family associations or anything else that the character is typically known for and often includes their name.


This archetype represents new human visitors to Haven. To those with supernatural sight the magic of the town marks them with a faint green aura. Although this eventually fades to blue and then disappears entirely if they decide to stay in town.


This archetype represents those who are engaged in full time study at one of the nearby schools or community colleges.


This archetype represents those with a military or serious law enforcement background.


This archetype represents people who have fallen out of their time in the past and into ours. They can be out somewhere, walking along peacefully when they stumble into a hole in time. To the rest of the world they simply have vanished, fallen off the face of the earth. But time shifts and at some point in the future, maybe twenty years later, maybe two thousand years later they will step right back into time again, without any knowledge that any time has passed at all. When making a timeswept character, make them the age you want them to be normally. If you'd like them to be 30, set the birth year to 30 years ago, then use the timeswept command to input how many years you wish for your character to have been out of time. This will automatically push your birth year back that many years, while making you look and age the same.


This archetype represents visitors from the other worlds connected to Haven. While the largest wildling populations come from the Wilds, there are sizeable populations in the godrealms and the other as well who may end up finding their way into our world. Wildling life is usually harsh and primitive.

Brown Student

This archetype represents college students studying at the nearby Ivy League school of Brown.

Important Local

This archetype represents those locals living in Haven who've established themselves socially. They might have important jobs or be part of influential families. They can make use of the fame command to set a string that other locals established individuals in the town will see when they look at them, appearing like, He/She is well known locally for (string)

Special Deputy

Special deputies are individuals deputized by the sheriff's department to help with the particular supernatural problems that occur when policing a town such as Haven. Their job is to cover up any sign of supernatural goings on or problems inside the town. It is a fairly unpopular job, as special deputies are always at risk by being crushed by the supernatural forces they are trying to juggle, death and burn out are common. As such the sheriff's department can be none too picky with it's hiring processes and many special deputies get their badge with only the most rudimentary of legal training. They rarely if ever engage in regular police work, leaving that to the better schooled if generally less brave regular deputies.

Special Forces

This archetype represents those humans who've received elite levels of training in modern combat.

Local Celebrity

This archetype represents those town locals who've become famous inside the Haven community, although that fame doesn't extend further. For example the spouse of the mayor, a winner of a local pageant, or someone who appeared in a television commercial.

Pillar of the Community

This archetype represents the most important members of the local community such as city council members or owners of important businesses. They can use the fame command to set a locally famous string visible to any other locals who look at them.