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The metaplot information is meant to help new, returning, and current players that keep up with the game's overarching story.

Season 1: In mid to late summer of 2018, an incredibly powerful God Child, one on the cusp of becoming a deity himself, Azrael, escaped from his magical prison and shook the supernatural world. Having slaughtered half of the Venetian Council and sending the Remnant reeling, Azrael then attempted a ritual to open Hell to free the archdemons, in his bid to destroy them. He was stopped by a coalition of the supernatural factions, and remains sealed away in Arkwright Mausoleum, the interior of which has become a personal pocket dimension that holds him. Anyone can go and visit Azrael, he can't hurt guests within his prison, but they'd have to deal with his mad ravings.

Season 2: In late summer of 2018, Calvin Earl Potter brought the Tranquil to town, a racist, homophobic anti-supernatural cult that saw him as the second coming. It was later revealed he was an aspect of Et-Aral, the archdemon who had escaped from Hell in 2017, one who had the supernatural ability to be able to kill anything less than a God. After he took over the town forcibly and became its Sheriff, he managed to send out a psychic wave that put all characters in Haven with the Sensitive stat under his control. When he was defeated, the survivors of his cult suffered one of the following three effects:

  • Losing Tranquility was like losing paradise. Even as you return to your normal self, the love for Calvin and the love for all of your once Tranquil friends remains and can never be shaken.

  • The psychic wave was so powerful it destroyed your memories. You remember nothing, not your loved ones, your purpose, nothing but your base desires and stats.

  • The psychic wave has reinforced your Tranquility to a point where even if Calvin dies, you believe he will return someday and save the world, and you hold on to the homophobic, racist and sexist ideals that it has given you.

Silent Haven: From September 9th to September 15th, the town underwent a radical and strange change. Everyone who was in town the first day was put into a supernatural slumber by a man in a yellow raincoat, who's other features cannot be recalled. When they woke, it was without their memories, and they and anyone else who ventured into town found themselves trapped in what appeared to be a silent movie, where they were deaf and colorblind. The town was under siege by a small pack of creatures made of static, one such creature was larger and more powerful than the last. When the week ended, it was revealed that it was Azrael, free of his prison, but the magicks of the seal threw him back in.

Haven High: The raincoat man strikes again, this time putting most of the town in a pocket dimension where Calvin Earl Potter was the Principal of Haven High School. The students were divided into cliques and forced to be at odds with one another. During the Homecoming Dance, the Principal began shooting up the school. The students banded together to beat him, and when they tried to escape the school, their memories had returned. Some of the denizens of Haven became younger permanently due to the reality warping, others remained the same. Still, the friendships they forged and the rivalries that spawned from the reality are ingrained or fresh in the minds of the players.

District 1: The raincoat man's final game, if that's what it was, put Haven's denizens in what appeared to be an alternate future, or perhaps a game constructed around a sadistic Fae's idea of what the future would look like if Et-Aral won. The thirty years of the Game went by in a whirlwind, with most experiencing death upon death upon death. In the very end, Et-Aral returned to Haven and crushed most of those who weren't loyal to him, putting the majority through a personal nightmare that ended in depowering them for the next cycle.

When Haven's denizens awoken, they remembered:

  • Nothing of the games. They remember living in Haven and they remember a two month period of peace and quiet.
  • Some of the games, but not all of them.
  • Every single bit of the games: the betrayals, the alternate personalities, the friendships and comradery, the romance.
  • The games in little flickers and visions.
  • Absolutely nothing about the supernatural, reverting to a period where they were still new to it.

(The above are choices the players get to make. Haven's vNPC population don't remember the Games, but still remember the supernatural.)

Season 3: The first half of 2019 began with the capture of Bishop Stephanie LaCroix, who was in the clutches of Felix Schrodinger, a man born of a God father and Fae mother. Having seized control of the town, he hunted the Cardinals relentlessly, preaching about the rise of a new world where supernaturals would co-exist openly with humanity and where every supernatural would have their own biome there. This dogma was not popular, and ultimately led to a series of betrayals and a final battle in the new world he had created, where he was stabbed in the chest with a crystal dagger called Cupid's Arrowhead by his sworn brother, Matthias. Schrodinger's body now floats in the Void, awaiting the rituals needed to awaken him.

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