\ Haven:Mist and Shadow Lore/Werewolves



 Werewolves have been around for as long as humans, they are made whenever a
 werewolf bites a human while in non human form, the bite must pierce the
 skin. Not all bites are infectious, usually the more severe the bite the
 more likely it will infect if the victim survives. Werewolves who wish to make
 another usually will bite the same place repeatedly. Cauterizing wounds soon after
 being bitten usually prevents infection.

 Werewolves can transform at will into very large wolf shapes, larger than a man
 and twice the size of a natural wolf.

 Werewolves are much stronger than humans, they also regenerate quickly from
 wounds and have heightened senses of smell.  They are at home in nature,
 enjoying the smell and feel of the natural world, by contrast highly
 artificial smells and environments make them uncomfortable, such as smog or
 cigarette smoke.  

Werewolves and the moon

 Werewolves transformations aren't entirely linked to the moon, they can
 change at any time.  However they are much weaker during the new moon.  Also
 during the full moon werewolves are subject to a condition known as Lunacy. 

 Lunacy is a kind of rage or insanity that sets upon werewolves during the
 full moon, it makes them anger extremely quickly and be very prone to
 violence, some even hallucinate during it.  It's very common for werewolves
 to transform during this time and rampage, and a full nine tenths of new 
 werewolves are bitten on the full moon from werewolves under the influence
 of Lunacy. Werewolves who can resist changing for 2-4 months are able
 to partially resist lunacy and are much less likely to end up killing
 people during it.

The change

 The change takes about a month and begins gradually, the new wolf's senses
 first begin to develop, then strength and healing abilities.  The ability to
 transform tends to come quite late in the month, and many don't realize they
 can transform until their first full moon.  

Werewolves and silver

 Silver causes itchiness and rashes to werewolves that wear it for prolonged
 periods, additionally silvered weapons are liable to cause temporary
 in werewolves struck by them.

Werewolves and magic

 Werewolves are close to nature and have an intrinsic sense of what is an is
 not natural, as well as a dislike for unnatural things.  While technically
 werewolves could perform magic it causes a strong unpleasant feeling
 whenever it's performed, most believe that this feeling is nature crying out
 against it and are strong proponents of it stopping being used.  

Werewolves and vampires

 Werewolves are the embodiment of natural world, vampires of the unnatural
 and there has always existed a degree of antipathy between them.  Vampires
 and werewolves find each other's presence unpleasant, this doesn't preclude
 some from becoming friends or getting along, it is akin to a person having
 bad BO.  Unpleasant to be around, but not debilitating.  Again many
 Werewolves believe this is nature telling them that the vampires should be

Werewolves and death

 Upon dying a werewolf will turn back into their human form, this isn't
 instant however and normally takes about an hour.  

Werewolf pregnancies

 Werewolves can get pregnant just like normal humans, there is a chance the
 child will be born a werewolf.  Having a werewolf mother gives about a fifty
 percent chance for the child to be a werewolf, a werewolf father about a ten
 percent chance.  Werewolves can transform and are subject to lunacy at any
 age, even as infants, although changing is usually beyond their control
 until around the age of ten.  Because of this even werewolves who want wolf
 children usually prefer to have a human child and turn them once they're old
 enough.  Children born werewolves almost invariably have to be hidden from
 the world until they reach an age where they can control themselves.  

Werewolf Hide

 The skin of a transformed werewolf is a prized possession, garments made from
 werewolf furs or tanned werewolf leather are extremely tough, wind
 resistant, yet light and supple.  Most werewolves can smell when a piece of
 clothing is made from their skin and it's normal for those who wear it to be
 targeted for vengeance by the pack.  Because of the werewolf's
 transformation upon death, the hide must be harvested very quickly or even
 in some cases, while they are still alive.  

Werewolf Psychology

 Werewolves are mostly mentally unchanged from the humans they were before,
 except that they tend to have a tendency towards anger, violence and group
 socializing.  These tendencies aren't so profound as to change their
 underlying nature however.  

 Some werewolves go primal, embracing the Lunacy.  Most try to control
 themselves during that time, or lock themselves up.  Werewolves psychology
 tends to shift towards very naturalist world views, they tend to oppose
 industrialization and many have been linked to eco terrorist groups.  

Werewolf Combat

 Werewolves are generally considered the most powerful soldiers amongst
 the supernaturally gifted, a combination of that and how easily
 they can create more if the need presents itself leads to them
 being the most sought out mercenaries in the supernatural world.