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Sydney Velmonte

Das Kolburn

My real name is Das Kolburn. Between German and Norwegian it sort of means "The Coal Plant", my little joke about having to be a 'worker drone' where I'm from. I don't actually have parents that anyone can remember, so I had to actually pick the name myself. I know, it's wierd. But you won't find anything on me under that name, because I had help hacking a few documents together so I can go by Sydney Velmonte.

What I'm Doing in Haven

I'm pretty sure you'd never believe me, and you'll just think I'm crazy. To my perspective Lambda Station was always a real place. I don't know what happened to the alien I was trying to oust, but when the tetraquarks, tachyons, and anti-tachyons did their thing, I was sucked into something I'm going to call a wormhole. I landed in your little town, and I've recently found out that in your universe, where I came from isn't even real. It's just a dream. So now I'm questioning my own existence, my purpose, everything about my life. See? I told you you'd think I was crazy.

Fitting in a Supernatural World

I don't even know where to begin. Finding out everything is how it is? I'm in a fresh new hostile environment, surrounded by people who probably want to kick my butt? That part isn't really so different from the station as I remember it. But I signed up with Blackfield college, thinking maybe learning how your primitive technology functions, how to intract with it, maybe it'll give me an edge, since my know-how doesn't translate to your machines yet. But I don't quite fit in all the way, and that almost scares me more than the monsters... Almost

Coping with the Lurking Horrors

Well, there's not much to say about coping with them, but when the stuff hits the fan you can be sure you'll see me doing about one of three things. Running, hiding, or finding some way to appease it. I don't really do well with fighting. In fact I kind of hate it, but if I have no choice, have my back against the wall? I'll defend myself, because if I'm going down and that's that, I'm going down swinging.

More About Me

I stutter a lot and it doesn't matter if I'm scared or calm, cold or warm, it's because I have social anxiety issues. You would too if the life you remember having was one you know could be snuffed out in an instant. Just because you didn't check twice before you stepped into the hall. Regardless, now that I know how, I'll still often head back to Lambda Station. But don't expect me to not still act like it's home. It's familiar, and comfortable, and face it, until I get used to Haven... to me your world is the dream.

I'm the Best

I know, it sounds a little stuck up. But you know what? Come to Lambda Station some day and step into my world, and you'll see what's up. It's not like I'll ever be a goddess there or anything, or one of those anywhere, really. But when it comes down to brass tacks, as you guys say, well I'm the best techie the station's ever seen. Again, those skills don't translate to your 'modern' technology, but on the station if you want something done fast and it has to do with any machinery, you want me. I can even outdo an A.I. at their own job.


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