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Lady Clara is portrayed by Katherine Pierce

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Lady Clara

Who is Lady Clara?

Lady Clara is the sole heir of the wealthy Lord Borthwick. Not that he didn't wish a son, not that he has much patience for the slightly spoiled brat that Lady Clara ended up being, but the truth is whomever she ends up deciding to marry up with will be the next Lord Borthwick. Unfortunately for him, Lady Clara is...

Not very Lady-like

Lady Clara is not only spoiled, she likes fun, without thinking weather that fun is socially acceptable or not for someone in her position. While she can dress astonishingly, and has the means to do it as often as she might want, in truth she's often found with the most confortable yet simplest clothes she manages to convince her aides to dress her in, choosing freedom of movement and confort over aspect and proper manners. Of course, her not very lady-like manners aren't seen only on her outfits...

Such a Lady...

...but many of those who have heard of the Lady Borthwick's fame before meeting her, usually are up to a surprise. She knows and can be a proper Lady from a moment to another, and she knows everything there is to know about etiquette. After all, she knows that she is Lady Clara Borthwick.

For Fun or Glory

Either looking to meet the infamous Lady Clara and live first hand the promising excitements that will entail, or looking to be the lucky one she accepts to marry with and one day have the Lordship, the word traveling around is that those wishing to meet Lady Clara will need to set sail towards Butcher's Bay...

Make Your Mark

"But of course. It is so rare to find a lady interested in science and not just tales of dashing adventures. I like you, My Lady. You are easy to talk to." - Lord Samuel Whistler?

"Perhaps some day the butcher will return hmm? And we can talk about how you found out about this place." - an wood-legged pirate?

"This is the story of Sylar. The strongest of us all." - the gypsy?

"Food, drink, a captain and.. lodgings for the night - That's a bloody fair idea." - Mister Derrington?

"By the sound of it, you'll have your crew and Captain in no time and we'll be setting sail..." - Rose

"I will definitely have more fun with you, respectable and noble, than him" - Kinette?

"Engaged? The famous priceless daughter of Brothwick? The face a thousand warships seek? The subject of countless duels, dance cards and drunken embarrassments from suitors sixteen to sixty? You really do need to share this, Lady Clara..." - Lord Quinn