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A Horror and Adventure Dreamscape

Beyond our world is a reality that is alien to us. Where monsters made from those of only the most disturbed imagination roam, where creatures with power beyond of man act with intent bizarre to our human minds. This is The Other, a dimension separate from our own where we are kept safe from it’s strange dangers. But there is one place in our world that collides with The Other, where we can enter The Other, and those from The Other can enter Earth. This is Redwood Falls, a sleepy little town located in Washington State where many residents live in fear of which they do not understand; trapped by it’s strange magic that prevents them from leaving Redwood Falls for long or even communicating the strange things going on in their little town. Where cultist worship the entities in The Other as gods and try to bring them into their world. There the police is a paramilitary force doing their best to protect the citizens against the threats it barely understands. Where Outsiders come to this town seeking knowledge or power from this strange world they have only heard rumors and whispers of.

You are one of these people. Trapped in this town, whether willingly or not, you are now a part of the strangeness of Redwood Falls and it’s dangers. Explore, fight, worship, or just keep your head down and hope you don’t die; whatever you do, enjoy your stay.

The Four Major Groups

Townies - Permanent residence of Redwood Falls who are aware and fearful of Redwood Falls. They keep to themselves and rarely trust anyone.

Sheriff’s Department - The Protagonists. They seek to defend the town the best they can against the threats from The Other. It’s a dangerous life, and many have fallen in this line of work.

Seekers of The Holy Way - The Antagonists. Believe that Gods reside in The Other and worship them as rulers of this world. Their may goal is to open a permanent path between The Other and our world to allow “Gods” and mortals to travel freely between the worlds. They operate out of The Presbyterian Church of The Holy Way.

Outsiders - People from outside of town who come to involve themselves with The Other. Ether lone wolves or part of secretive groups with interest in Redwood Falls, they usually come to ether research The Other or gain power from it.

The Other

In the forests around Redwood Falls paths to The Other open and close in random. It’s these paths which creatures from The Other can enter our world and we can enter theirs. Few people dare go through, thus not much is known about The Other. What few people have seen it and returned to tell the tale they tell of a forest shrouded in mist with black earth and a red sky.

The flora and fauna of The Other are alien in nature and range greatly in size, form, intelligence, and power, ranging from small insects to towering behemoths. There are being in the other capable of amazing magic and/or psychic abilities, with limits currently unknown to man, and who some believe may actually be deities who once roamed of world.


Rank 0: No skill

Rank 1: Basic training

Rank 2: Novice Training

Rank 3: Well trained

Rank 4: Highly skilled

Rank 5: Extremely skilled

Rank 6+: Preternatural skill

Melee Combat - Use of all forms of melee attacks, both armed and unarmed.

Ranged - Use of firearms and non-firearm ranged weapons.

Magic - Use of magic and spells originating from The Other.

Psychic - Psychic powers developed by exposure to The Other.

AberrationForm - Transform to gain inhuman weapons such as claws or fangs. The higher the stat, the less human you become. Can be gained from both magic and being an ancestor of an Other creature. Wealth - How much money you have at your disposal

Athletic - How well you can perform feats of athleticism.

Engineering - Building things and use of explosives

Stealth - How well you can hide yourself or objects

Perception - How well you can spot hidden people and things

Science - Knowledge of various scientific and medical fields

Occult - Knowledge of things Other related

Notable People

Patrick 'Pat' Buchanan - Owner of Pat's Bar and Restaurant, the only bar in town.

Mark Fries - Sheriff of Redwood Falls and older brother of Charles Fries, the cult leader.

Charles Fries - The leader of The Seekers of The Holy Way and younger brother of Mark Fries, the sheriff. He fashions himself as a priest.

Beth Warren - Owner of Red Ribbon Diner


Combat is simple. Roleplay out the fight, and then when one participate is ready to end combat they roll their highest combat focused stat and then all participants roll their stats. The side with the highest successes win. Play nice, remember that nothing is truely lost in losing.