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Skies Of Plunder

In the land of Estrojar the Human Ilimar empire has almost complete dominance over the land, yet there is one realm they are still yet to claim, the skies. Ships made of a rare type of wood harvested from the Airin tree can soar through the very skies themselves, bolstered by a magical heart in their core. Tropical islands covered in these trees float in the skies above Estrojar, hovering serenely in the air just waiting to be discovered. One such island, called Skull Island is the home of the sky pirates. Some of the only remaining free criminals in the Empire, a mismatch of races they soar through the skies on their Airin ships, plundering merchant vessals and each other alike, trying to stay always just one step ahead of the Empire's pirate hunters.






Ship Classes


Combat Example

Stats Swordplay Used to determine skill at sword fighting, roll 3 times in a duel, with the higher each time inflicting a wound upon the opponent, both wounded on a draw. Roll against firearms to compete with quick draw against stabbing in close range, with the winner incapacitating their opponent, both hurt on a draw. Firearms Used to determine skill with rifles and pistols, usually flintlock fire weapons with long and involved reloading processes. Roll to shoot a target, 3 successes needed to hit them. Roll against opponents firearm skill for a quick draw contest, both shot on a draw. Gunnery Used to determine skill with using a ship's cannons. Piloting Used to determine skill at piloting a vessel, successes amplify the ability to dodge cannon fire. Drinking Used to determine constitution for drinking alcohol, successes prevent characters from passing out when drinking. Roll against others in drinking contests. Starting Wealth Money a character starts out with, each point grants 500 gold crowns.

Races Humans The most popular race in Estrojar, humans are mostly distinguished by their engineers and industrious society, having conquered most of the empire on the back of their powerful gunpowder fuelled armies.

Orcs Tough, tusked humanoids with skin ranging form dark green to red depending on their habitat the Orcs are a hardy breed of natural fighters. Fairly poor with engineering however they have been pushed out of many of their natural habitats by the Empire's armies and now live mostly in communes or as slaves to the Empire. They make excellent pirates however, at least if they can find someone else to build and steer their ships for them. +1 success to all drinking rolls, +1 success to all swordplay rolls. -1 success from all piloting rolls, -1 success from all firearm rolls.

Dwarves Short humanoids between 3 and 4 feet tall, the dwarves mostly lived in underground cities before they were plundered by the Empire. Now they mostly serve as indentured miners. They are particularly adept with modern weapons, but their short stature means they're poor fighters and they often have difficulties as pilots due to the wheels not being build for individuals of their stature. +1 successes to all gunnery rolls, +1 successes to all firearm rolls, -1 successes from all piloting rolls, -1 successes from all swordplay rolls.

Elves Somewhat waifish humanoids with pointed ears and long lifespans, the elves vary in color between the golden tanned and the milky white, they lived in the deep forests of the land before they were cut down for the lumber for the Empire. Now they mostly serve as indentured servants. They're particularly dexterous and make for some of the best pilots and snipers, but their poor constitution for drinking tends to make them taken a lot less seriously by other pirates. +1 successes to all piloting rolls, +1 successes to all firearm rolls, -1 successes from all drinking rolls, -1 successes from all swordplay rolls.

Trolls Hulking monstrosities standing at seven feet even when hunched over, trolls were cave dwellers before being put to work by the Empire as manual labor. Known for their incredible strength as well as dim witted nature, trolls make for fearsome pirates during boarding actions, but are a lot less use when it comes to the actual running of a ship. +2 successes to all swordplay rolls, -1 successes from all piloting rolls, -1 successes from all gunnery rolls.

Half-Orcs A crossbreed of humans and orcs, with some of the qualities and physical characteristics of both. +1 successes to drinking rolls, -1 successes to piloting rolls.

Half-Dwarves A crossbreed of humans and dwarves, with some of the qualities and physical characteristics of both. +1 successes to gunnery rolls, -1 successes to swordplay rolls.

Half-Elf A crossbreed of humans and elves, with some of the qualities and physical characteristics of both. +1 successes to piloting rolls, -1 successes to drinking rolls.

Creatures Sky-Sharks The great peril of the skies, similar to regular sharks but with great Pterodactyl like wings instead of side fins.

The Kraken A giant tentacled creature that nests inside storm clouds, only rarely extending to snatch up and devour passing sky ships.

Other mythological creatures Adventures may encounter, griffins, wyverns, dragons and any other type of flying fantasy creature.

Gameplay Overview Please set your intro as your character's name, and put any fame they might have into their description. Characters can set out from the island with other PC crew members, rolling dice to determine what they will encounter. Characters can earn money from these adventures, and use them to buy themselves ships. Use petition to inform the world owner of successful adventures and ship purchases to they can update the bank and docks according. You can only get credit for one adventure per day. If you are caught cheating on your adventures or lying about your rolls you will be banned from the dreamworld. You are free to RP any other form of adventure or story you wish, but won't get crowns for it. When fighting NPC ships, roll for them as well with no special stat bonuses added to their actions.


Ship to ship combat

Ships may choose to either fire a barrage or attempt a boarding action, or flee if they're faster than the other ship. Barrages are always settled first, then boarding actions.

To fire a barrage, roll a d10 for every gun on your ship manned by an NPC. The enemy pilot rolls their piloting skill, multiplies the successes by the current speed of their ship, and rolls that many d5 Subtract the dodging total from the barrage total. Target ship loses that many hitpoints. For every PC manned cannon, roll gunnery skill, then roll that many d10s and inflict it as damage.

If a ship reached 0 hitpoints it falls out of the sky, all PCs must bail out with parachutes and become slaves in the slave pens.

Boarding action Take crew of each ship and multiply it by remaining hitpoints as a percentage. Add all swordplay and firearms successes to both sides. Whichever side is greater wins the conflict, if one side is more than double they other they win the conflict in a convincing manner and can take any enemy crewmembers captive. Otherwise they are slain, with surviving PCs bailing out with parachutes.

Slavery Any PC who bails out of a ship becomes a slave, and is stuck in the slave pens until freed, bought or they escape. Every day they may roll a single d6, on a 6 they escape and are no longer a slave. PCs can be sold to the slave pens for 50 crowns each, so can any NPC. PCs can be bought from the slave pens for 100 crowns each. PCs enslaved to another PC may roll 2d6 instead to escape, requiring a 12 to break free. PCs cannot buy their own freedom from the slave pens, nor can they buy slaves while enslaved.

Hauls Slaves weigh 150 pounds each, and can be sold for 50 crowns. Merchant goods fetch 1 crown for every 1 pound of goods taken. Military goods fetch 1 crown for every 10 pounds of goods taken.

When returning to dock, profit is reduced by 1% for every remaining NPC crewmember, then divied up among the PC crews as the captain chooses.

Ship Speed Ships have basic speed and lightened speed, run at lightened speed if they ditch all their cannons and cargo.

Celebration On any return from an adventure, you must celebrate with your crew. Roll your drinking stat, on 0 or less successes you pass out, roll two d 6s. 2: Your crew decides to mutiny while you're passed out, you lose your ship. 3-4: Someone sells you into slavery while you're passed out, you become a slave in the slave pens. 5-7: You get pickpocketed while passed out, lost 100 crowns. 8-12: You have a bad hangover the next day.

Mercenary Crews If unable to find a PC captain to sail with, you can sail on the crew of an NPC. Pick any class of ship to sail on except ship of the line, conduct adventure as per normal but only retain 10% of the profit per PC after the NPCs take their cut. Unless there's more than 3 PCs, in which case they split 30% instead.

Brawling Roll swordplay and drinking and add successes to compete, knock someone out when your total reaches 10.

Cannons New cannons cost 50 crowns each, each cannon takes up 200 pounds of your ship's cargo capacity.

Adventures To set out on an adventure roll two d 6s. 2: Attacked by the sky kraken Roll 2d6 up to three times, on a 10 or higher you escape, otherwise your ship is destroyed. 3: Attacked by pirate hunters Encounter 2 ships of the same class and make-up as you determined to destroy you. 4: Attacked by sky sharks Roll firearms + swordplay 3 times, number of successes is number of remaining crew after the attack. 5: Discover military vessel Roll 1d10 to determine ship class, 80% of its cargo capacity is taken up by guns. 6: Discover well armed merchant vessel. Roll 1d10 to determine ship class, 50% of its cargo capacity is taken up by guns. 7 or 8: Discover average armed merchant vessel. Roll 1d10 to determine ship class, 25% of its cargo capacity is taken up by guns. 9: Discover poorly armed merchant vessel. Roll 1d10 to determine ship class, 10% of its cargo capacity is taken up by guns. 10-12: Discover an Island. Roll a d6 1: Attacked by sky sharks, roll firearms + swordplay 3 times to determine remaining crew. 2-3: Nothing of interest on the Island. 4-5: Discover a village, can capture slaves from local populace. 6: Discover hidden treasure, bring back as many goods as you can carry worth 1 crown for every 2 pounds.

Ship Classes

1: Sloop Cost: 100 Crowns Crew: 5 HP: 150 Speed:2/4 knots Cargo Capacity: 1500 pounds

2: Retch Cost: 500 Crowns Crew: 10 HP: 300 Speed 3/5 knots Cargo Capacity: 2500 pounds

3:Brigantine Cost: 2000 Crowns Crew: 15 HP: 500 Speed: 3/5 knots Cargo Capacity: 5000 pounds

4: Caravel Cost: 2000 Crowns Crew: 15 HP: 400 Speed: 5/8 knots Cargo Capacity: 3500 pounds

5: Carack Cost: 5000 Crowns Crew: 120 HP: 750 Speed: 3/5 knots Cargo Capacity: 7500 pounds

6: Galley Cost: 10000 Crowns Crew: 25 HP: 1500 Speed: 3/5 knots Cargo Capacity: 15000 pounds

7: Barque Cost: 15000 Crowns Crew: 30 HP: 2000 Speed: 3/5 knots Cargo Capacity: 20000 pounds

8: Galleon Cost: 20000 Crowns Crew: 40 HP: 2500 Speed: 2/4 knots Cargo Capacity: 30000 pounds

9: Frigate Cost: 20000 Crew: 40 HP: 2250 Speed: 4/7 knots Cargo Capacity: 20000 pounds

10: Man Of War Cost: 50000 Crowns Crew: 50 HP: 5000 Speed: 1/3 knots Cargo Capacity: 50000 pounds

11: Ship of the Line Cost: 100000 Crowns Crew: 70 HP: 7500 Speed: 1/3 knots Cargo Capacity: 100000 pounds

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