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Camp Higgins


Camp Higgins offers a wholesome, pleasant experience for the ENTIRE SUMMER for anyone who steps foot on the grounds, be they the youthful campers, the adult counselors who attend to them, or the murdering nightmares that lurk in the forest of evil. There is a cornucopia of activities to keep everyone enticed and engaged for the whole summer.

During the waking hours, both campers and counselors keep themselves busy with various activities ranging from archery at the range, rock climbing the wall at the southern parts of the camp, or anything else in between.

Unfortunately, the waking hours are few and far between, and the sun is largely absent in the sky.

There is a near consistent, predatory darkness that suffocates the light in the camp. The grounds here runs red with the blood of counselor and camper alike who strayed too far into the surrounding forest where the Unimaginable wait, ensuring they never return. Regardless of location on the campsite, the campers and counselors are plagued with the sensation of being watched; that they are being hunted. It is the lucky few who do not see their demise coming. Those who have the misfortunate of seeing what is after them are met by their worst fears- be it a machete weilding man with a hockey mask, a demonic clown who entices campers with balloons, a chainsaw weilding man wearing the skinned face of a counselor, a tall man of tentacles with no discernable face, or any other demonic being of fear.

When night falls, which feels eternal, this place becomes a pocket of Hell created solely to house and entertain the manifestations of every dreamers worst fear.

During the day, Camp Higgins is nothing short of uneasy terror. During the night, it is unimaginable death.


Every Dreamer is encouraged to briefly enter what they are afraid of in either their equipment or description. This is for our Dream Gods to use to personalize individual or group scenes.

Death is inevitable.

When Dreamers die, they come back as new identities UNAWARE of the nightmares as either a camper or counselor. The Aware stat negates this, allowing continuity in memory of the camper or counselor, allowing them to give warnings as necessary.

Being either an Aware Camper or Aware Counselor requires you to have first died as a regular Camper or Counselor.

You are NOT stronger than the Nightmares.

You are NOT faster than the Nightmares.


Visitor: 0

You are a visitor of Camp Higgins. You could be a parent of a camper here, a ranger answering a distress call, or even yourself: a wandering dreamer unaware of the nightmare they are about to experience. The choice is up to you to determine the definition of your Visitor role, but it is with the understanding that you likely won't survive the night.

After all, every horror movie needs its first victim.

Camper: 1000

You are one of the campers at Camp Higgins. You've heard the spooky legends about Camp Higgins, but your parents assured you this place was completely safe. Really, the likelihood of you going missing and terribly murdered by some figure of legend is asinine. You are at camp simply to have a great time this summer, and to make lasting, memorable relationships... and hopefully, live to see the sunrise.

Counselor: 15000

You are a Camp Counselor at Camp Higgins, and your "duty" (at least on paper) is to tend to the campers, ensure their safety and oversee their activities, and to make sure no one goes missing. But, no one has gone missing in ages, so what is the worst that could happen if you leave the campers alone or find a little hiding place to smoke? Afterall, the horrors of Camp are just legends to scare the campers... right?

Nightmare: 50000

You are a shapeshifting monstrosity born from the nightmares of every dreamers fears. You are stronger and faster than the humans at this camp. Please keep in mind the Story is more important than being a murderer. Taking this role requires you to engage with the Campers and Counselors in order to provide them with enjoyable, frightening antagonism. Please interact with the PC's at least 2 times before making attempts to kill them, and the dream gods request that you honor successful stat rolls from the campers and counselors.

Feel free to use dreamworld emit (emote) to help facilitate your role.