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Heroes And Villains

Heroes and Villains


Welcome to the world of Heroes and Villains. The setting is New Haven, a large, bustling city where people all over the world come to strike it big in its many industries. But its got a darker side too, a criminal underbelly, plus is a hub of Villains and Super Villains with their own plans for the city. But luckily there are Heroes and Superheroes out there to thwart these plans and save the day! But that is not all there is, sometimes even non-human things from outer space, other dimensions, or secret labs may threaten the city.

This is a constant battle against good and evil. Will good prevail? Or will the forces of evil take that day?

Special Notes

  • If you have played in Heroes and Villains recently and are a non-citizen character, you may request a secret base! Just send a petition to the dreamworld with a room name suggestion, your resource/minion stats, and the overall theme of the secret base. Unless you tell someone your secret base or I reveal it to them, they are off limits to anyone you don't bring there.




  • Citizen
  • Those without superpowers or any special skills to fight villains or heroes. Mostly helpless, though some with a bit of pluck and luck can pull through and escape a dicey situation. Though there most important role is being able to provide support to other heroes or villains with their Resource ability. If a criminal, they are your bog standard criminal.

  • Vigilante
  • Those without superpowers who still have decided to fight for good and justice. Though their abilities are in human limits, usually with training they are able to be at the peak of those limits. They may also have access to fabulous wealth to allow them to purchase the finest weaponry.

  • Mastermind
  • You are a criminal mastermind. A mob boss, a gang leader, or a skilled assassin or cat burglar. You have an agenda, people might know what it is, or it might be a secret, but either way you are willing to resort to criminal and evil means to achieve those goals. You might have an organization behind you who does the fighting and dirty work for you, or you might do the work for yourself.

  • Superhero
  • The peak of hero-ness. You may have been born with your powers or you may have gained them in some way, you might not even be human, or look human, but you are a cut above the rest.

  • Supervillain
  • Youre a villain, but with superpowers. You may have been born with your powers or you may have gained them in some way, you might not even be human, or look human, but you are a cut above the rest. You might even have other, lesser super beings under your command. When you act, it is a city wide or even world wide crisis.


  • Improvised Fighting
  • The most basic of fighting styles. Using improved weapons, untrained gun use, or untrained unarmed fighting. If you have this stat high enough you might be able to go toe to toe with a Mastermind or Vigilante.

  • Athleticism
  • Representing anything that requires the body, such as physical feats or stealth.

  • Resources
  • Both your material wealth and your ability to ply favors from others.
    This stat also determines if you have a the right tool for the job or if you can get the favor you want. It also sometimes determines how effective that tool or favor is. Use whatever roll command is appropriate.

  • Skills
  • Any tricks or talents that are learned that have no combat use. Each rank gives you a new skill and makes all skills more likly to succeed.

  • Skilled Fighting
  • Fighting skills that you trained, such as martial arts or gun play.

  • Minion Fighting
  • Your minions ability to fight. Having no ranks in this means you have no combat minions.

  • Minion Skills
  • Like skills, but those possessed by non-combatant minions. Having no ranks in this means you have no non-combat minions. Each rank gives you one or more minions with a skill and makes all minions more likely to succeed.
    List your each skill your minions posses in your equipment section with Minion: (Name), Minion: (Name), ect.

  • Super Fighting
  • The ability to fight and defend yourself with whatever superpowers you imagine. You are only limited by how high you can get this stat.

  • Super Athleticism
  • Like Athleticism, but with supernatural ability. When competing against regular Athleticism, use 'dreamworld rollnumber (stat)' and double the number of successes Super Athleticism.

  • Super Minion Fighting
  • The power of minions you have with supernatural powers. Having no ranks means you have no superpowered combat minions.

  • Super Powers
  • Non-Combat superpowers that may have uses inside combat, but usually dont. Flying and x-ray vision are examples.
    Each level of this stat represents both a new super power and the strengthening of all existing super powers, if a power scale is even relevant for it.
    List your powers in your equipment section with Power: (Name), (One Sentence Description), Power: (Name), (One Sentence Description), ect.

  • Intimidation
  • Though Masterminds and SuperVillains are powerful enough to scare the populous, this stat determines their skill at using that fear factor to get their demands met. Often used in hostage situations against the police or against civilians to get them to do something like tell you the passcode to the vault. More complex or onerous commands require better rolls.

  • Reputation
  • It represents whether the populous and police see you as a nuisance, threat, hero, or unknown. At rank 0 you are ether treated as a criminal yourself or are unknown until you make yourself known. Beyond that, use dreamworrld rollnumber (stat) to determine how you are seen when interacting with the populous or police.
    0 Successes: Ether afraid or hostile to you
    1 Success: Don't see you as a threat or hostile. Will nether help nor impede you.
    2 Success: See you in a favorable light. Will offer mild assistance.
    3 Success: See you as a true hero. Will offer assistance that is not obviously suicidal.

RP Guide

  • Dream combat comes in two flavors, usually depending on the intentions of both parties. If you are just dream invading or looking to antag someone whether they are willing or not, just using dreamworld attack (target) (stat) is enough. But if you are looking to craft a story of an epic battle, the roll commands are good guidelines for how the battle progress, but ideally both characters should work together to make the fight epic.

  • The only real rule of Heroes and Villains is Rule of Cool. If someone wants to do something and it sounds cool, as long as they don't completely shit the bed on their roll they should be allowed to do it.

  • Feel free to run your own calendar events, no special permissions required!

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