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The Garden

The Garden


We've buried so many things in our lives it can get hard to keep track. The hardest thing to bury purposefully is undoubtedly the childhood, but it seems slippery; easy to lose. Keep a hold of it as much as you can for the trials to come. You'll need it to get by.

Inspired by Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, The Wizard of Oz, Peter Pan, and similar tales, the Garden is a sprawling realm that is equal parts fantastic and perplexing, full of characters who operate using strange logic and speak in riddles. The Garden is inhabited by quirky individuals, such as runaway children, talking animals, living dolls, giants (friendly or otherwise). For many, it is a place of escapism.

The Garden is overseen and curated by the mysterious, paternal and oft-absent Groundskeeper.


  • Seeker
  • You are a visitor to the Garden. Perhaps you're looking for somebody who ran away so you can take them home, or you're simply a wanderer who came across this place by mistake. If you stay long enough, you might become a Runaway yourself.

  • Runaway
  • You ran away from home and found a door to another world. But you decided to stay and now this your home. Its scary and lonely at times, but at least youre free to explore and be the adventurer you were meant to be. Most Runaways are children and teenagers, but adults aren't unknown.

  • Beastie
  • You are an animal. And like all civilized animals, you speak proper English. With the notable exception of your linguistic talent, you appear and behave as would any other animal. Sometimes that gets you into trouble, but its never really your fault.

  • Faun
  • Your body lives between two worlds: human and... something else. Maybe your other half is a beast, making you a centaur, mermaid or satyr.

  • Ogre
  • Your people are giants in this land, towering over the children at three or four times their size. You may be covered with fur, or adorned with horns, but you are more human than beast, even if you don't speak much.

  • Construct
  • You were crafted by human hands and imbued with life through magical means. You might be a doll, a toy soldier, a scarecrow, a robot or something else, but whatever you are, you have been given a human form and (mostly) human behaviours.

  • Mythic
  • You are the stuff of legend and fantasy: a dragon, pegasus, phoenix or some other great and majestic beast that can take to the sky with resplendent wings. You may allow the children to ride upon your back, but you are no one's steed.

  • Nightmare
  • You're a child's other half, some shadow that hitched a ride when they entered this place. Now you wander the labyrinthine gardens inflicting your terrors on its inhabitants. Nightmares usually represent a childhood phobia of some kind - such as a bloodthirsty hound (fear of dogs), or a shadow that extinguishes sources of light (fear of darkness). Many Nightmares seek out ways to pass back into the real world, strengthened by their incubation in the Garden.


  • Gumption
  • Characters with Gumption are shrewd with a spirited initiative and resourcefulness. They tend to construct elaborate and inventive solutions to solve their problems. Traditionally this would be equivalent to Wisdom.

  • Chutzpah
  • Characters with Chutzpah are shamelessly bold, audacious and confident. They are most likely to be the one to attempt daring and difficult feats. Traditionally this would be equivalent to Dexterity.

  • Moxie
  • Characters with Moxie are full of energy, courage and determination.They are well-equipped to endure when faced with difficult trials.

  • Childlike Wonder
  • Characters with Childlike Wonder have a fascination with the world around them and an appreciation for learning. They often know useful things about the trials ahead. Traditionally this would be equivalent to Intelligence.

  • The Cut Of Your Jib
  • The Cut Of Your character's Jib refers to their general appearance, manner, mien, demeanour, or personality. They are most likely to make a good first impression and leverage the social acceptance of those they meet. Traditionally this would be equivalent to Charisma.

  • A Certain Je Ne Sais Quoi
  • Nobody knows how this character always manages to get by, they just do. They manage to pull off general absurdities with startling regularity. Traditionally this would be equivalent to Luck.

  • Flight
  • You possess the power of flight, which is ideal for travel, accessing difficult-to-reach places, and general mischief. Should only be trained to 1 - either you can fly or you can't.

  • Swimming
  • You know how to swim. Traversing water isn't a challenge for most people, but some are better at it than others, and many Constructs prefer to stay out of it altogether. Should only be trained to 1 - either you can swim or you can't.

  • Brawn
  • Energy, courage and determination goes a little further when combined with your prodigious size. This is a more powerful version of Moxie.

  • Majesty
  • This is a freeform stat used to represent the unique abilities that a Mythic may have access to. It should also represent their ability to pose riddles and generally outwit residents of the Garden. Creativity is encouraged!

  • Terror
  • You inflict suffering on the inhabitants of the Garden, either by frightening them or by harming them physically. This stat is left intentionally vague due to the diverse nature of Nightmares, and creativity is encouraged!

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