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The Legendsof Butchers Bay

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Butcher Bay

This a world of pirate sails and high seas, where everyone from the highest Lord to the lowliest Swab lives a life that is wild and free. The Bay and the surrounding seas are rife with sails bearing insignia from the Spanish, The Empire, and the black flags of Pirates who hail from the great port at Nassau. All the while ships under the control of The Butcher scourge the open seas and ports alike, bringing a terror to this fine life of a sailor!

The World

Butcher's Bay is a fantastical region that sits upon the High Seas. Tropical winds and pirate sails are the theme of this world and it centers on Butcher's Bay. Three main Harbor ports bear out the ships and dreams of those who sail upon these Seas. Nassau, the free port home of the Pirates. King's Town is home to the captains and ships that sail under The Empire's flag. Lastly, there's Costa Vista Sol, the main Harbor for The Spanish. These three forces risk the anger of the seas and the danger of her too, not to mention the legend of The Butcher himself.

The Butcher

Long across this section of the High Seas has existed the Legend of The Butcher. A vicious and otherworldly pirate, he sails the seas at his own whims heaping destruction from broadside cannons and what many say a skeleton crew. There are often sightings of ships sailing the flag of The Butcher, which appears as a black flag with a bloody red jolly roger logo stiched upon it.

The Factions

The Spanish

The Spanish have long held a presence in Butcher's Bay, their home port of Spaiyne not so far from this region of the High Seas. They are given the duty of bringing Pirates to justict and should attempt to do so unless outnumbered.

Monarch: Queen Izabella

Queen Izabella currently rules over Spaiyne. She attempts to extend her rule across the world, and always she is stymied by Butcher's Bay. She wants to supplicant all those free states under her rule. She is considered by most to be a fair ruler but not less ruthless than any other. She assigns Duke Armand with the affair of clearing Butcher's Bay of Pirates and any who would contest her role. The Duke rules from the manor house of Costa Vista Sol, and is considered the highest Spanish authority in the realm of Butcher's Bay.

Flag: The Spanish fly a yellow and white flag with a crimson lion rampant on the foreground. The edges may decorated to a Captain's taste.

The Empire

The Emipre under the Sun they're sometimes called, ships and sailors hailing from this faction have traveled a long way to be in Butcher's Bay. Their King's rule holds little weight here, and so they remain a threat through military strategy and heavier ships at their disposal. They tend to sink pirate ships they come across.

Monarch: King George

King George rules from the Isles of Britaynia, and his ships have come on a long voyage to find a foothold in Butcher's Bay. He has determined that Spaiyne has grown too large with its reach and he's sent envoys to ensure that Izabella's reach grows no larger. Sir Harold Count of Devonshire was sent to captain the foreship and it's three hundred companions that came sailing for Butcher's Bay. Only one hundred survived the trip, but it will still enough. Shipwrights and engineers made the voyage, and they replaced what they had lost. Sir Harold oversee's the campaign against Spaiyne and the Pirates from King's Town where the bulk of the Empire's naval fleet rests.

Flag: The Empire fly a Blue and white flag with a red cross disecting it down the middle both ways.

The Pirates of Nassau

These are the free Pirates of of Nassau who sail under the black flag. They've rebelled against the rule of outsiders such as the Spanish or the Empire, and choose to trade and sail and plunder as they please. They always fly under the sign of a Jolly Roger, so their ships are easily seen.

Monarch: The Council of Nine

The Council of Nine are a collection of the oldest and wisest Pirates to sail the High Seas and they know well the ins and outs of Butcher's Bay like no others do. However, their so called rule is a tenuous thing, rather they nudge and guide their brethren the best that they can. They meet in secret every so often, in Nassau. The Council consists of BlackBeard, Davey Jones, Queen Mary, The Dutchman, Stygian, and four others who's names and positons are unknown to any, even the other five. They meet in different cycles, and are ignorant of each other, except under the most urgent of situations.

Flag: Pirates fly a black flag with a Jolly Roger of some fashion on it.


  • Starting Experience: 30000
  • Stat Cost: 2000

Character Roster

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