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Lune Payne

𓆩 Luna Mae Payne 𓆪

☠︎︎ Momento Mori ☠︎︎

Age: Early 20's

Birth Place: Haven, MA

Archetype: Angelborn

Affiliation(s): The Temple

Goal(s): Protect humans, thwart supernatural threats, punish the overt use of supernaturalism, subdue supernaturalism altogether

Brief Background: Luna comes from a very long line of Angelborn, the familial 'blessing' often skipping generations but perpetually recurring. Her family has a reputation of serving the mighty and powerful, dating all the way back to the ancient Pharaohs of Egypt. In more recent centuries the Angelborn of her family can be found serving secret societies, sects, factions, and cults. Luna herself serves The Temple and their cause, which at one time was a rarity for her kin.

Sin(s): Envy



Luna and her family were never meant to be indebted to The Temple, but somewhere along the line, a few generations back, the Payne's servitude made the switch from serving organizations like The Hand and their allies to The Temple and affiliates. The supposed story goes that her great-grandfather was traded as a bargaining chip, but the more likely scenario is that The Temple has garnered their obedience through cursed objects and mind control.


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