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The Overview section should have a brief description of your character concept and history.

About this Higher Power

Mystery: Poor Clarence = Completed.

Adventure: Baywatch = Completed.

[Information Locked: Further Plot Progress Required]

To join this Higher Power's discovery storyline, please send an OOC note with your intent to Scytharax.

Bubbles & Baubles

Read about a whale poopnado here.

See Dua Lipa's latest MV about a lobster below:

The RP Hooks sections should contain interesting things about your character which other people might use to interact with you.

Storyrunner Logs

The comments section is used by other players to leave feedback,ratings, and shout-outs to your character. "CharacterName" is replaced with the name of the character as seen at the top of their character page. "Said person" can be replaced with a more informal name.


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"Comment" - Said person?