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Reeves Family


The Reeves family have a history of violence. It's not that they're a particularly violent people; they aren't. But there is a calling, a force, that has led them to the Gate to protect it and the people there – and later, when David Reeves got the factions to agree to it, ensure that that supernatural violence in Haven doesn't bleed into the outside world. The Reeves have always been the arbiters, the mediators, the enforcers, and the protectors of the people of Haven, for better or worse.

The Reeves are often reserved, soft-spoken but stern, and possess a strong sense of duty, whatever other faults they have. All five of the other founding families respect the Reeves, and patriarch Frank Reeves? is the one and only Sheriff of Haven, re-elected ever since Alvin Richardson served his first term as mayor. Still, not everyone is perfect; the family has a history of violence and sees the world in black and white.

Faction Views
The Reeves favor factions who have primarily goals of protecting the town and citizens, keeping supernatural violence hidden. The factions that they like get a lot of HSD support, and Reeves members are expected to contribute to them regularly.

The Reeves Pride

Frank Reeves?
Dutiful Father, Sheriff

Paul Reeves?
Scumbag, Crooked Cop

Jim Reeves?
Widowed Vampire Hunter

Bob Reeves?
Washed-up Hero Fireman

Rick Reeves?
Logger and Carpenter

Lion Cub

Al Reeves?
Daddy's Little Lawmaker