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The Founding Families

The Swanns

The Swanns

The only African American family that signed the charter, the Swanns also have Romani roots. Embroiled in society politics, Peter Swann also is the Editor in Chief of the Haven Courier.

Family Head: Peter Swann

Peter's Siblings & Cousins

Christmas Swann (44) - A gossip columnist.

Bellamy Swann (25) - Peter's brother and photographer for the Haven Courier.

Ashleigh Noelle Swann (24) - Peter's sister and a rather controversial figure amongst the locals of late.

Sua Swann (23) - Peter's adopted sister and journalist for the Haven Courier.

Lorraine Swann


The Inigos

The Inigos

The most powerful family in Haven by far, an Inigo has almost always sat on the Mayorship in Haven, and Augustus Inigo was no different -- nearly every great Inigo has always gotten by on a Demonic Pact or two. On the Day of Red, the Mayor went missing, and has been ever since.

Family Head: Augustus Inigo

Augustus' Family

Giovanna Inigo - A skilled but reclusive occultist and antiquist who also is well-versed in legal matters.

Mortimer Inigo - Giovanna's brother, he's been away at university for a while, coasting along on Inigo money.

Solomon Inigo

Claudio Inigo (35) The youngest of his siblings and one that has always looked up and attempted to gain favour with them as well as Augustus himself. His life has been a slew of failure well into his mid thirties and on the Day of Red, he almost bit the dust while visiting Rome. Nursed back to health by an old priest, Claudio springs back to business and decides to return home for new prospects.


The Reeves

The Reeves

Stalwart and vigilant, the Reeves have always found themselves deep in society politics and civil service positions throughout Haven's history. Frank Reeves has been the Sheriff of Haven for over twenty years, but went missing the Day of Red.

Family Head: Frank Reeves

Frank's Family

Alvin Reeves - A fry cook at the Lodge for only a few months, he seems new to Haven and the other Reeves don't seem to actually claim this man as family. However, he and the Sheriff seemed awfully close the final month of Frank's service to Haven before disappearing.

Forrest Reeves - One of Frank's brothers, a member of the HSD who seems to be in Emilia Wilson's pocket, despite his outspoken dislike of her outside of public spaces.

Jake Reeves - Younger brother to Frank. He is a known Sensitive and Blackfield graduate. Quite kind, possibly too kind for his job, he moved away from Haven for a few years after graduation before returning and taking up a role in the HSD.


The Moores

The Moores

A family that also happens to be a werewolf pack by a stroke of bad luck, the Moore family used to run Westhaven and considered Haven's western forest their territory. Mary Moore is the landlady of Westhaven.

Family Head: Mary Moore

Mary's Family

Misty Moore - One of the more rambunctious of the Moores, Misty's been in and out of trouble most her life, though she's left Haven.

Aimee Lynn Moore - Misty's cousin, Aimee Lynn has a rap sheet of petty crimes to her name. Many of the Moores seem very protective of her.

Karlette Moore - The Niece of Mary, Karlette was always a 'Wild Child' with a habit of wandering off and causing a family fuss when she'd disappear to Lord knows where as a kid. Now as an adult and returning to Haven from her trip she could fondly be called a 'Square' these days, but is devotedly loyal to her family and her territory.

Callalily Moore (30) - Hippy and local bartender.

Dustin Moore (29) - Unemployed.


The Wilsons

The Wilsons

Incredibly wealthy as a whole, the Wilson family runs the Bank and also happens to own much of the land around Fleet Street, with some suggesting they have underworld dealings there. Patricia Wilson is the venerable matriarch of the Wilson family, and controls her financial empire with an iron fist.

Family Head: Patricia Wilson

Patricia's Family

Therese Wilson - The youngest child of Patricia Wilson, she was born late in the bank mogul's life. Some rumors persist that she steals cats.

Theodore Wilson

Emilia Wilson - The niece of Patricia Wilson. Emilia handles the trust funds for many of the wealthy families in Haven.


The Arkwrights

The Arkwrights

The Arkwright family typically finds themselves in medical professions, but other Arkwrights have the misfortune of finding themselves victims of Haven's nightlife. James Arkwright is actually one of the original founders of the town, but tends to be off politicking for the Hand throughout the US.

Family Head:James Arkwright

James' Family

Alaric Arkwright - A doctor with a specialty in experimental treatments who has many Founding Family members as his patients. He's been employed at Blackfield for a long, long time.

Case Arkwright - Alaric's cousin. Known as a gentle and kind man in his youth, rumors of addiction and lawsuits abound now follow him.

Corinne Arkwright - The local mortician, known for her unsettling demeanor and dislike of the living. Corinne works with the Selectmen, and used to work with the Sheriff's Department.

Wanda Arkwright


The Saltes

The Saltes

If any family can lay claim to being called the blue-collar family of Haven, it would be the Saltes. It was a Salte captain who's ship brought James Arkwright to Haven. It was a Salte's hands and ingenuity that led to the Lighthouse being built. To this day the Saltes provide Haven with its fish supply, among other things.

Family Head:Wilbur Salte

Wilbur's Family

Harvey Salte -

Rhett Salte - The abs of the Salte family.

Tristan Salte -

River Salte - the exuberant (and sometimes bratty) Mershifter

Veruca Salte -

Pepper-Anne Salte - [NPC Blackfield atendee]


The Founding Families

The six Founding families of Haven are considered Haven's elite class. From the lowly trailer park Moores to the dangerous Wilsons, the six Founding families are all influential in their own right. While not as powerful as the Societies, their support in Haven is sought after by many, and crossing them is ill-advised. The families include the Moores, the Reeves, the Swanns, the Arkwrights, the Wilsons, the Inigos and the Saltes.

Ashleigh Noelle Swann

Claudio Inigo

Caine Morgan Moore

Callalily Moore

Karlette Moore

Wanda Arkwright

Alaric Arkwright

Rhett Salte

River Salte