Naur of Navvere

    Warden Naur of Naverre

    Warsage, Ambassador to Navorost, Ambassador to We the Free, Ambassador to The Temple

    Gizelle Weber

    Master Sword Gizelle Weber

    Noelle Swann

    Master Librarian Noelle Swann

    Hearth Healer, Seer, Preceptor, Ambassador to SinCo

    Keysen Durrus

    Master Sword Keysen Durrus

    Woodswalker, Ambassador to Navorost, Warsage

    Zhi Dai

    Master Shield Dai Zhi

    Warsage, Lorekeeper, Ambassador to Luxia, Seer, Prism

    Hope For Justice

    Master Shield Billy Jones

    Librarian Chitte Brokk


    National Children's Alliance

    Sword Martin Greene

    Briar Green

    Shield Briar Green

    Brianna Eskildsen

    Shield Brianna Eskildsen

    Laura Bradley

    Librarian Laura Bradley

    Acolyte Kincaid O'Conner

    Hearth Healer, Seer

    Acolyte Misty Moore

  • The Golden Rule: Do not undermine or derogate the efforts of your allies.

    -This means, if someone is doing something, a ritual, a plan, a social event, a mission, or anything similar for the Order you do not speak negatively about it over the radio, or in a public way. You do not attempt to tell other people not to help with it or in any other way attempt to undermine it. If you do not agree with the way a mission or ritual is done or being handled, you are free to create your own missions in keeping with your own ideas. Ethics are not objective, every member will have a slightly different idea of what is best, what is most important is that everyone is able to work towards a better world without fear of being insulted or undermined by their own allies. Derogation can include passive-aggressive remarks where it is unclear if the intention was to undermine. It is at the Warden's discretion if they believe remarks were intended to be caustic or not.

    No Name Calling: Do not stoop to calling anyone else by an insulting name. This includes enemies. Minor violations will require you to contribute $10 in cash to the Order. A minor violation means a relatively tame insult, or insult made while under emotional duress or other similar circumstances.

    No demanding meetings for things that can be handled via email or texts.

    No Sadism: No delighting in the pain or suffering of others over the radio or while on Order business.

    No false reports to HQ: Positive or negative reports sent to HQ should relate to things someone has actually done or failed to do. Do not send reports that are just 'I like this person', 'I do not like this person', 'I think this person is bad', 'I think HQ is wrong to give this person their authority' or similar.

    No committing acts that violate the laws of the local, state, or federal government unless those acts are part of a mission for the Order or other society.

    Minor rule violations may result in a warning or being required to pay a small fine. Significant rule violations will likely lead to a warning on first offense, and explusion on repeat offence. Very serious violations will be grounds for immediate expulsion or being sentenced to a period of psychic imprisonment during which your natural personality will be overwritten for the duration of the sentence.


    Resources should not be spent without an award on anything but resupply and pay bonuses.


    Warden: A temporary, cyclical position of local leadership.

    Master Scroll: A senior member of the Order Librarians of distinguished knowledge and expertise, typically well-versed in the occult.

    Master Shield: A distinguished member of the Order Shieldbearers recognised for their upstanding virtue and tireless self-sacrifice on others' behalf.

    Master Sword: A battle-hardened member of the Order Swordbearers recognised for their tactical ingenuity, military strategy and proactivity.

    It is the responsibility of all Masters of the Order to train, mentor and act as exemplars for their fellow Browncoats. Together with the Warden, the Masters comprise of the Haven Order's Elders Council.

    Scroll: An acolyte of the Order Librarians.
    Key proficiencies: Occult knowledge, Medicine, Ritual Magic, Social Contacts.

    Shield: An acolyte of the Order Swordbearers.
    Key proficiencies: Combat, Speed, Protective Magic, Knowledge of other worlds.

    Sword: An acolyte of the Order Swordbearers.
    Key proficiencies: Combat, Lockpicking, Offensive Magic, Abductions.

    Acolytes: A trusted, recognised member of the Haven Order who has yet to select a formal branch. Upon attaining this rank or higher, members obtain their first brown coat. (Pending availability, this involves a free coloured item; contact the Warden to request.)

    Initiate: A new transfer to the Haven Order who has yet to engage with the wider chapter.

    Penitent: A probationary role for members of the supernatural community who must atone for past crimes and corruption and have yet to regain the trust of the local chapter. This role is a requirement for anyone transferring from a corrupt society until absolved by a jury of their peers, typically involving a period of community service and recognised reparations.

    Titles & Accreditations

    In addition to their rank, members may earn particular titles or accreditations representing their skills, areas of interest or tasks they are willing and able to assist with.

    Lorekeeper: These individuals have volunteered to maintain knowledge of the Order's valuable intel, even though it may put them at increased risk of being captured and interrogated. Other members of the Order can give any intel in their possession to a lorekeeper to help keep themselves from becoming a target. (Get to at least 8k intel and then request)

    Guardian: These individuals have entered into a Praestes ritual to protect someone else who is either a member of the Order or an innocent civilian. (Enter into the relationship and then request)

    Warsage: These individuals have planned operations, missions, rituals and other initiatives and are willing to continue to do so. (Make/Run at least two order themed adventures, SR'd ops, or schemes and then request)

    Delver: These individuals are willing and able to use magic to delve into the minds of captured enemies for valuable intelligence. (Submit log of an interrogation scene with request)

    Woodswalker: These individuals are willing and able to rescue those captured by creatures of the woods. (Stealth 3 or some sort of flight and request)

    Seer: These individuals are those who can experience prophetic dreams. (Have sensitive and request)

    Prism: These individuals are those who are willing and able to rescue those snared in dreamworlds and nightmares. (Have split mind and request)

    Hearth Healer: These individuals are those willing and able to act as counsellors for other members, hearing their troubles and burdens while providing support, not judging, and keeping the content of the discussions private. (Request)

    Questor: These indivduals are those willing to engage in philisophical debates about ethics in order to help find the best way forward. (Request)

    Ambassador to Other/Wilds/Hell/Godrealms: These individuals are familiar with the border territories of those areas and able to act as a liaison in encounters with them. (Be offworld resident or wilding archetype with relevant subfaction association)

    Ambassador to (God/Demon/Fae): These individuals have reasonably good relations and knowledge with some powerful entity known to be active in Haven and can provide advice on dealing with them or act as an intermediary.

    Ambassador to (other world): These individuals have a good understanding of another world that resides in the psychic plane and are able to provide advice or enter the world to complete tasks.(Needs to be a dreamworld that's a credible place to be an ambassador to.)

    Ambassador to (other society): These individuals have a good relationship with the leader of some other society currently active in Haven.

    Preceptor: These individuals are willing to help those acclimate to ether becoming a supernatural or those becoming aware of the supernatural world. This is for both new members of The Order and for those in town.

    Courier: These individuals are willing to collect intelligence from others for safe keeping. This makes them high risk targets for abduction and interrogation though. (Use give intel (person) to give intel to that person)

    [Lo] Lockpicker: Someone good at picking locks.

    [Ab] Abductor: Someone good at grabbing people in their sleep.

    [Ri] Ritualist: Someone willing and able to perform rituals for the society.

    [Sw] Sweeper: Someone willing and able to sweep for spy cameras without expensive equipment.

    [Ha] Hacker: Someone willing and able to provide computer support (Hacking 3 required)

    [En] Engineer: Someone who can augment weaponry or armor (Engineering 2 requred)

    [Ar] Artificer: Someone who can create artifacts (Artificing 2 required)

    [Cl] Clairvoyant: Someone who can see and communicate with ghosts.

    [He] Healer: Someone who can help treat our injured. (Medicine 3 required)

    [Co] Commander: Someone comfortable with commanding troops during an operation.

    [Es] Escort: Someone good enough at blending in on earth to help other members keep off the radar.(Should have the can improve secrecy line in their file)

    [Po] Poisoner: Someone who can apply toxins to weapons.

    [Fe] Forensics: Someone skilled in crime scene forensics.

    [De] Demolitions: Someone who is skilled with explosives.

    [Cu] Cover Up: Someone who can cover up incidents where the supernatural is exposed. (Hypnotism 2 required)

    Color codes:
    Red: `196 `160 `124 `088 `124 `160 `196
    Blue: `057 `063 `069 `075 `069 `063 `057
    Gold: `226 `227 `228 `229 `228 `227 `226
    Green: `065 `071 `077 `079 `077 `071 `065
    Bronze: `131, Diamond: `195, Sapphire: `063, Emerald `071
    e.g. Society remark augustus Inigo `D[`0577`0631`0691`0752`0693`0634`0575`D] [`063Co`D][`063Ri`D][`063He`D] `131|`071|`x

  • Medals Record

    July 20th, 2021 - Shield Briar Green has been awarded the Diamond Medal for her show of valour against emergent threats from the Hand, and willingness to put herself in harm's way in order to deflect their aggression away from civilians.

    July 13th, 2021 - Librarian Chitte Brokk has been awarded a Bronze Medal for consistent participation in combat operations.

    July 13th, 2021 - Librarian Chitte Brokk and Master Sword Gizelle Weber have been awarded an Emerald Medal each for providing invaluable supportive benefit and counsel to Warden Naur of Navvere regarding the current state of the Order.

    July 13th, 2021 - Master Librarian Noelle Swann and Master Sword Keysen Durrus have both been awarded with a Diamond Medal each, in recognition for serving the Order well and faithfully as former Wardens of the Order.

    June 12th, 2021 - Master Sword Gizelle Weber has been awarded with a Diamond Medal for performing a ritual in Dublin to restore a corrupted Clootie Well historically sacred to the Order.

    May 28th, 2021 - Master Shield Billy Jones has been awarded the Sapphire Medal for his consistent efforts to train new recruits, not only in physical fitness but in decorum, to bolster morale and ensure cohesion between members.

    May 27th, 2021 - Novice Laura Bradley has received a Diamond Merit for her courage and selflessness in the heat of battle, literally placing herself as a Shield in an effort to protect both a mission objective and a fellow Orderite while under great duress.

    May 25th, 2021 - Librarian Svetlana Agafonova has received the Sapphire Medal for her part in assisting the injured and in the handling of the deceased.

    May 18th, 2021 - Master Shield Billy Jones and Master Sword Naur of Navvere have received the Diamond Medal for their initiative in counteracting the ritual that silenced the chapter.

    May 11th, 2021 - Shield Billy Jones receives 2 Bronze Medals, one for training members of The Order, another for building a training area for members of The Order

    May 9th, 2021 - Master Librarian Noelle Swann and Librarian Gizelle Weber have been awarded a Sapphire Medal for their participation in removing The Dominance ritual from the world

    May 6nd, 2021 - Master Librarian Noelle has been awarded a Diamond Medal for extracting a promise from Spencer to protect naturals

    May 6nd, 2021 - Initiate Billy Jones has been awarded a Bronze Medal for providing a protection detail and magical defenses to the home of an Order member

    May 2nd, 2021 - Librarian Svetlana has been awarded a bronze medal for making a lucrative deal

    May 2nd, 2021 - Shield Gael has been awarded a Bronze Medal for claiming the bounty on Everett

    April 25th, 2021 - Master Liberian Noelle has received a Bronze Medal for securing a great amount of intelligence from Templar Jane

    April 24th, 2021 - Master Liberian Noelle receives a bronze medal for securing a lucrative deal with The Sentinels

    April 19th, 2021 - Liberian Gizelle received the Diamond Medal for offeringherself over to Hal Sullivan to prevent the murder of his captives.

    April 8th, 2021 - Liberian Noelle received the Bronze Medal for acquiring a large amount of resources for The Order.

    April 11th, 2021 - Librarian Gizelle Weber, Novice Misty Moore, and Master Shield Zhi received the Bronze Medal for helping win an operation in Lauriea.

    April 10th, 2021 - Novice Gizelle Weber received the Sapphire Medal for helping capture Hal Sullivan in an effort to protect Noelle Swann.

    April 8th, 2021 - Master Liberian Chitte received the Bronze Medal for attending several operations over the past week.

    April 8th, 2021 - Master Shield Zhi received the Bronze Medal for high intel contributions.

    Marth 31st, 2021 - Sword Keysen Durrus received the Diamond Medal for consistently fighting for the Order in operations.

    Marth 31st, 2021 - Sword Keysen Durrus received the Bronze Medal for building a bunker for use by the Order.

    March 19th, 2021 - Librarian Noelle Swann received the Emerald Medal for hosting a successful social event.

    March 19th, 2021 - Master Librarian Svetlana Agafonova received the Bronze Medal for resource contributions.

    March 19th, 2021 - Sword Martin Greene received the Bronze Medal for resource contributions.

    Medal Policy

    Order members can nominate others for medals, if confirmed by the Warden the nominee may also refer someone who helped them to achieve the medal to also receive it. The Warden cannot receive medals, do not nominate them.

    Bronze Medal: Given for materially benefiting the Order, such as through contributing resource or acquiring assets.

    Diamond Medal: Given for providing reputational benefit to the Order, living up to the Order's ideals by showing heroism, mercy, or selflessness. For planning missions, undertaking rituals or schemes in a manner befitting the spirit of Order. (This means generous, thematic RP. Schemes which are not RP focused, such as an occurrence-operation are not eligible.)

    Emerald Medal: Given for providing moral benefit to the Order, lifting the spirits of other members or inhabitants of the town generally. (Hosting social events or other fun types of social RP. Success determined by if people there enjoyed themselves, not how many people showed up.)

    Sapphire Medal: Given for providing supportive benefit to the Order. Helping people who are injured, or distressed or otherwise experiencing personal problems.

    Each medal can be converted into having 5k resources spent on whatever you wish, three medals can be converted into receiving an award from Headquarters.

    (By and large medals will only be given out for things that involve creating fun RP for others. You cannot get an medal just for 'throwing a party' or 'making an operation' unless it is evident you've put some thought and effort into making that fun for people taking part. The Bronze medal is the only exception, this can be given out just for being very mechanically helpful.)