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Avi Arkwright

Background, overriding the wiki's insistence on turning certain links green, I stole this bit from Salvation.

The Basics

Name: Avi Arkwright

Appearance: an aloof young man with hazel eyes

Apparent Age: Late teens

Cardinal Sin: Pride

Occupation: Full-Time White Oak Institute Student

Theme Song: The Kill, 30 Seconds to Mars

RP Preferences

Drama: IC only

Antagonism: If I antag you, I am 100% here for IC retaliation. If you antag me and bring anything OOC into it whatsoever, we're done

White Oak: Frat rivalries, Greek life hazing, classes, study groups, on & off campus parties, clubbing, swerving annoying adults


Family Name: Arkwright

White Oak Institute
Year Group: Sophomore

Major: Occult Business

Minor: Blood Pact Data Analytics

Niche: Goths

Greek Life
Fraternity: Alpha Gamma Omega

Role: Freshman Intake Coordinator

Where I Fit in a World of Monsters


Self-discovery in progress; TBA

"Look at you... absolutely breathtaking." - Ari

"Just because you name it after me doesnt make it mine." - J

"The talent in his fingers is ... expansive. I'm sure in more ways than one." - Lex

"I don't think you're mediocre in any sense of the word." - Cinnabon

"I'm pretty sure if we didn't have Avi we'd all just sit around staring dully at each other. But also his t-shirts cost more than my car and that's annoying." - Sam

"Comment" - Character Name?

"Comment" - Character Name?