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Celina Callahan

I know you...

Name: Celina Callahan
Age: 21
Archetype: Human?
Society: Information not found.
Aura: Like a bonfire of indigo, crimson, and sable.
RP Preferences: Inquire Within

The Nightside

Celina can be found mostly wandering the streets at night, showing up in old bar haunts or run down areas of Haven in the Red Light District. In the day, she tends to a strangely strict physical routine, and spends her afternoons shopping, and consulting her phone for clientele or other jobs.

Voices Carry

Intense, piercing, focused, purposeful is the mask that Celina wears when she seeks clients in the District's underbelly, some say she trades in flesh, other times the pleasures of entertainment, and hallucinatory substances. Rumors are whispered that she began there in Haven as a young woman tossed out from the White Oak Institute for some nefarious purpose.


“Mirrors,' she said, 'are never to be trusted.”

Others say she seeks the secret to immortality. Who will give it to her?


Celina is known as a negotiator of some sort. But in recent years, the business she has inhabited has been lean. This has led to Celina surviving through hard times from place to place.

“As if the night had said to me, ‘You are the night and the night alone understands you and enfolds you in its arms’ One with the shadows. Without nightmare. An inexplicable peace.”

Anne Rice, Interview with a Vampire

“These are my comments.”

A Character

“These are my comments.”

A Character