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Samantha Salte

Samantha Salte

Name:Samantha SalteAppearance:A tall, pale woman with bubblegum blue hair

Star Sign:Pisces Sun Leo Rising


Since the first settlers in Haven there have been Saltes and their connection to the sea. Samantha's parents met on a fishing boat and when she left home it was only natural she'd end up serving in the Navy.


Attending college thanks to the G.I. Bill Sam doesn't have a lot of spare cash to pay her bills and is constantly hustling from doing odd jobs, to reading tarot to obtaining Adderall and booze for younger and wealthier college students.

Something Fishy

Sam acts all weird whenever people slash water on her legs, what a freak...

High School Shadow

People who knew Sam from before she left town always seem to only barely remember her as someone shy and antisocial who always clung to the shadows, it doesn't seem to fit much with her personality today.


"Rehab is for quitters." - J

"She has interesting hobbies, and great legs." - Lex

"Screaming lib hair, but she comes through with the goods." - Avi

"Her tarot readings are scarily insightful." - C

"Good company, but her heart's in the wrong place. She can kick some ass, though." - Tomás

"She has the cutest outfits, the best drugs, and the craziest stories. Anyone would be crazy not to want her for a friend. I still think she'll be the first one to get three strikes in Sister Abigail's black book though. " - Sienna