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SR Anthony

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Genre Any, preference toward action, horror and mystery.
Content Rating Not Rated, NC17, R
Current Plot Involvement None
Availability For SRing: Weekends primarily
Contact Preference Note\STalk
Okay to Contact for RP? Yes


Typically supernatural horror, though I also like dealing with gritty, criminal settings as well. I'm fairly new and always looking for tips.


  • From what I understand, this MUD is for adults, and as such I may use adult language, violence, violent sexual implications, etc. I typically will not be explicit if scenes do contain sex/rape/etc., but violence will be described in detail.
  • Help story death applies to all encounters/plots of course. Encounter death should be rare, if ever.


Amber Alert

It's Better Not To Believe

What Dreams May Come

Feedback below would be appreciated!

"Comment." - SaidPerson

"Comment." - SaidPerson