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The Hand

The Hand
Non ducor, duco.

Sarah Wilson
Miss Sarah Wilson

Lucien Arkwright
Mr. Lucien Arkwright
Public Relations

Tomas Inigo
Mr. Tomas Inigo
Asset Acquisition

Miss Nadiya Everly
Engineering Support

Jett Carson
Mr. Jett Carson
Security Escort
Miss Marija Solokovya

Peyton Bennett
Miss Peyton Bennett
Intern to Mr. Arkwright
Mr. Asa Stonehouser
Intern to Mr. Arkwright

Lanie Weaver
Miss Lanie Weaver
Intern to Mr. Arkwright

Owen Mallory
Mr. Owen Mallory
Intern to Mr. Carson
Mr. Deacon Herveaux
Intern to Mr. Tomas Inigo
Miss Yasmin Ahmed
Miss Sierra Lancaster
Mr. Jericho Sumnter
Miss Nova Smith
“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act but a habit.”

At its foundation the Hand is a meritocracy, meaning it prizes and praises agents on the basis of their demonstrated abilities and merit.

“Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.”
Maya Angelou
The meritocratic styling goes beyond merely having the capability of accomplishing something; this extends to the creativity, sophistication, and effectiveness of the chosen task.

“A goal is a dream with a deadline.”
Napoleon Hill
The Hand's overall goal is control. From fiscal control of individual citizens to corporate control of Big Business to government control of powerful nations, the redistribution of power from the teeming masses to the capable few should always be the objective.

“Good ideas come from bad ideas, but only if there are enough of them.”
Seth Godin
While individual competency is prized, pushing others down to lift oneself up is not. Damaging a fellow operative's initiatives, either through outright sabotage, underhanded backstabbing, insular cliquishness, or scathing commentary only stifles enthusiasm and demotivates those who show initiative and thus will not be tolerated. Learn from mistakes, your own and others.

“Good fortune is what happens when opportunity meets with planning.”
- Thomas Edison

Engagement - Every Hand operative should have a current project or goal directly tied to increasing the society's control of some aspect of the world, whether on a local or global scale.

“A lot of people never use their initiative because no-one told them to.”
- Banksy
Initiative - No one needs permission to plan an operation, hatch a scheme, or mastermind a plot on behalf of the Hand, but should be able to enunciate a clear benefit to the society if asked for one.

“If you can laugh together, you can work together.”
- Robert Orben
Synergy - Operatives are expected to maintain a cordial working relationship with one another. This means being able to work together without making the situation tense or annoying for others, and without demeaning one another in ways that negatively impact group cohesion.

“Professional is not a label you give yourself - it's a description you hope others will apply to you.”
- David Maister
Professionalism - In deed, speech, and appearance, Hand operatives represent the best of the best. In order to convince others to hand over their money, power, influence, and loyalty, one must be able to convey worthiness. Being well-mannered, well-spoken, and well-groomed is a start.

President - Where ambition, drive, and capability meet is the pyramidion of a meritocracy - the leader. Strongly autocratic ideals mean the leader of the Hand is the most influential member, allowing them to guide and shape the hierarchy, promoting those they deem most capable regardless of anyone else's opinion.

Executive Whisper, Executive Shadow, Executive Keeper - Operatives who display a thorough understanding of their particular role and take the initiative to create opportunities for furthering the Hand's goals.

Whisper - Operatives who serve as the diplomatic face of the Hand. PR agents, politicians, liaisons, social media mavericks and more, they build up the social network of the Hand and are thus held to a high standard of behavior as veritable representatives of the society.

Shadow - Operatives who serve as the behind-the-scenes agents of the Hand. Snipers, spies, hackers, and general support roles are undertaken by these agents, maintaining the Hand's reputation for stealthy, underhanded tactics to stay two steps ahead of the competition.

Keeper - Operatives who embrace violence in defense of the Hand's mission. Soldiers, police, bodyguards, special ops, sorcerors - where diplomacy fails the Peacekeepers fill the gaps, holding the line until order is restored in the Hand's favor.

Intern - Operatives who have not yet determined their place in the Hand. These agents are encouraged to spend time with Whispers, Shadows, and Keepers to best ascertain where they'll be a good fit.

Probation - Operatives who have not yet completed their personal Hand file. (see: help file for how to set this up)

Food - Operatives who have brought disgrace onto themselves or the Hand somehow. Excessive in-fighting, treason, gross disrespect, failing to contribute meaningfully to the society, or leader fiat can all land one at this rank, where the only way out is up. Making up, sucking up, or giving up.

Every operative has their use, and some operatives have more uses than others. Agents of the Hand with one or more of the below skills should make mention of it in their file during their Internship, as well as requesting it be updated on the roster to reflect continued growth as time goes on.

[Ab] Abductor: Someone good at grabbing people in their sleep.

[Ar] Artificer: Someone who can create artifacts. (Artificing 2 required.)

[Cl] Clairvoyant: Someone who can see and communicate with ghosts.

[Co] Commander: Someone comfortable with commanding troops during an operation.

[En] Engineer: Someone who can augment weaponry or armor. (Engineering 2 required.)

[Es] Escort: Someone socially adept enough to take the spotlight off of other agents. (Should have the can improve secrecy line in their file)

[Ha] Hacker: Someone willing and able to provide computer support. (Hacking 3 required.)

[He] Healer: Someone who can help treat our injured. (Medicine 3 required.)

[Lo] Lockpicker: Someone good at picking locks.

[Me] Medic: Someone good at battlefield triage techniques.

[Ri] Ritualist: Someone willing and able to perform rituals for the society.

[Sw] Sweeper: Someone willing and able to sweep for spy cameras without expensive equipment.

The supernatural cold war in Haven has been going on since the gates appeared and will be continuing long after you're gone. Take this opportunity to showcase your talents, leave a mark on Haven, grow your legacy, & be a name that friends will remember fondly and enemies will remember with begrudging respect.
Black Star - For planning or bankrolling an event that increases the social capital of the Hand. Parties, grand-openings, seances, and more. Anything done with the intent to create a good time for others. Quality over quantity; the size of the attendance list matters less than the effort involved. Nominate yourself or nominate others.
Birthday/promotion/wedding/engagement parties for yourself are strictly ineligible.

All parties thrown after reaching five black stars receive a liquor stipend for future events.

Red Star - For planning or leading an event that increases the cold war capital of the Hand. Operations, schemes, abductions of note executed in a manner that expressly embodies the ideals of the Hand; slick, charming, classy.
Clubbing people over the head and beating them for intel is strictly ineligible.

After every five red stars, eligible for an augmentation without waiting in the queue.

Green Star - For contributing cash, time, magical reagents, and tangible materials that substantially increase the resources of the Hand each week.
Contributions made to a different society are strictly ineligible.

Every green star is worth $1K resources to be saved/spent as chosen.

Purple Star - For contributing to the interpersonal morale of the Hand. Mediating serious arguments between agents, providing empathy and/or therapy to agents after traumatic events, mentoring new agents deciding on their role in the Hand, offering some substantial form of recognition or accolades to agents who've performed well, and other uplifting, team-spirit-focused activities.
Sex with other agents to put them in a better mood is strictly ineligible.

After every five purple stars, eligible for a ritual to be performed on their behalf.

Nominate yourself or others for commendations here. Also if you believe someone deserves praise or condemnation, make a note of it here. Requests for praise can be given anonymously, requests for condemnation will only be considered if they are not anonymous, to avoid petty requests.

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