• Flygirl

    From planes to jets to dreaming of flying.


    Most of her time is spent teaching at White Oak.


    She views most situations in terms of battle/strategy.


    Even before the military, she was a college graduate.


    She dabbles in rituals, when the need is dire.


    She does not show it often, but she does have a halo.

  • What I'm Doing in Haven

    Most would lament leaving the Air Force to take up a position as a Science Professor at a college, even one as prestigious as White Oak, but she found herself growing, learning, and adapting in short order.

    Where I Fit in a World of Monsters

    She finds herself in a position where she can teach the lost how to find their place in this supernatural world, all while trying to avoid as much of it and its corruption as possible.

    Timeline (in no particular order)

    Events Hosted:

    Combat Training
    Weight of Your Doom (Prophecy)
    Avoiding Corruption: In Your Dreams
    Traversing the Nightmare
    Intro to Dreaming

    Events Attended:

    Sam's Friday Night Lights: Dartmouth
    Father Jack's Mesmerism Seminar 1

    Encounters Attended:

    SRAlexander's Encounter

  • Name: Alexandra Harris
    Intro: a svelte, stern woman with steely blue eyes
    Birthdate: July 1st, 1990
    Age: 33
    Archetype: Angelborn?
    Allegiance: White Oak
    Occupation: Science Professor
    Affiliation: FBI