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Harriet Fairfax

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 Harriet Fairfax

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What I'm Doing in Haven

In the role of the new Warden within The Order's Massachusetts stationing, Harriet Fairfax's efforts are judiciously focused on curating an environment where the supernaturally gifted and their natural allies can flourish in benevolence. She champions the cultivation of mentorship for the fledgling power-bearers and the expansion of outreach programs, thus ensuring that The Order's presence is a bastion of hope in the community. With the acumen of her blue-blooded lineage, she's instilling protocols of transparency to guard against the seduction of vainglory within their ranks. Simultaneously, her own inner turmoil — a relentless tussle with the demonborn whispers urging her towards darker proclivities — serves as a silent testament to the perpetual struggle inherent in choosing the path of virtue.

Where I Fit in a World of Monsters

With every graceful, calculated move within The Order, Harriet directs her powers for the common wealth externally, while internally, she wages a war against her own potent instincts, striving to turn her inherited, perceived curses into blessings for the world's safeguarding.

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RP Hooks

Harriet rolls with the punches. I am open to most scenarios. Encourage her to behave and be Orderly, or try to lead her into destruction.

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"I'll have what she's having." - Peyton Bennett

"It's a sisyphean task trying to bring some class to Haven, but if anyone could do it it would be Harry." - Sam

"With her exquisite sense of fashion, her sense of humor, and her fervor towards our goals, it's no wonder she's so... 'Poplar'." - Carter

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