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Nikolai Kuznetsov

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Archetype: Demigod

Faction: The Hand

Occupation: Just An Engineer™ at Coretech Industries

Theme Song: To Be Determined


What I'm Doing in Haven

I like Haven. I've passed through before plenty to use the gates. Now I'm here to stay, and I'm looking to make a little trouble to enjoy myself. People accuse me of being a bratva thug, Hand agent, irresponsible-with-explosive-ordnance; to which I would reply that I am a simple engineer at Coretech Industries, and a noble volunteer for the Helping Hands organisation, and to not get your wires crossed. Un-crossing wires is a specialty of mine.

Where I fit in a Supernatural World

I might not be an ancient evil, lurking in the shadows or lounging on a throne - but a man can have aspirations. A perfectly normal, healthy desire to never die and a general enjoyment in doing as I please at little expense to myself drives me to predate on others and do my work without checking with an ethics officer first.

How I Cope with the Lurking Horrors

Russian Temple got inside my life before I was even a year old. I knew loss before I knew my first word. I take my dues from the world in material wealth, earthly pleasures, and intoxication. But even without all of that, things can be made bearable by the presence of a steadfast companion.

RP Hooks

Underground Connections - I'm connected to the Russian Mafia and the Hand, so I'm not afraid of getting involved with criminals - or doing them favours, if I'm compensated well enough.

Godly Blood - I'm a proud demigod, and I enjoy the company of other demigods. I'm happy to take foundling demigods with no known parentage under my wing, and I'm an eager friend - or rival - to fellow scions of the Slavic pantheon.

Master Maker - Creative talents burn hot in my soul. I make things. Mostly weapons and combat equipment, but I can bring your Tesla back to life after you trusted the self-driving feature to not plow into the side of a building, too.

Antagonism - I'm a good friend to have, but I don't hesitate to cause trouble with people I don't know or don't like. I like to throw my weight around and I'm open to challenges of the same kind. (I'm also open to tells, if now's a bad time for me to come harangue you and you'd rather not deal with me right now.)