• The Hand wishes to implement corporate like meritocracies in which the

    superior rule over the inferior, with the superior almost always being those who are supernatural and also card-carrying members of the Hand. In such a society the use of supernatural abilities is never a crime, simply a natural expression of an individual's merits.

    Hand governments tend to use corporate guises, with the leader being the CEO of some cover company and their advisors being the board of directors. They are usually located within some unusually well guarded corporate building near the center of the city. Hand governments are very relaxed in general and encourage their people to deal with their own problems. They only intervene in the case of serious crimes, such as serious assaults and murders. They typically don't police crimes against humans unless the crime could call attention to the supernatural world, or is otherwise bad for their interests. A crime against a human who belongs to another super is considered a crime against that super however, but the government would only get involved if it was of the serious assault or murder level. They are generally easy to get permission to do things from, but difficult to obtain help from.

    If someone is accused of breaking the law, an investigation is carried out by an inquisitor with some mind control abilities. If found guilty their punishments usually involve brainwashing the guilty into being some new, productive member of society. You can be found innocent of any crime in a Hand court if you can successful argue that what you did was for the greater good. In theory this is the greater good of the world, but in practice often blurs more into the greater good of the Hand.

  • The Abyss gazes also into you.

    This group is made up almost entirely of supernaturals, they believe that humankind has proven to be weak, unreliable, short sighted and stupid and that the world would be a better place if they ran it. To this end the group has many political connections and is a powerful force behind the scenes, manipulating governments and companies using their supernatural gifts to their own ends. They tend to see supernaturals as superior because of their gifts, and wiser because of their longer life spans and thus more suited to rule, while humans are considered a lesser class.

    "If you want equality, morals, if you want to jump in front of a bullet to save someone you never met. If you want to help the helpless and try to right all the injustice in the world... join Temple or Order. There can be no equality because we are not made nor do we all make ourselves equal. Some are better. Supernaturals are better. You think murder is wrong? I think not shooting a child with an explosive vest that he's about to detonate and kill a bunch of my friends is wrong. If you want to be a martyr, go elsewhere. If you want to rule, if you want power, and if want a clean Earth with obedient humans working menial labor and want to fight back against anyone who would dare try to stake their claim on /our/ Earth... join Hand."

    -Gage Gagnon, President of the Haven chapter of the Hand

  • When the Gods left earth, the resulting power vacuum was filled by their former servants forming independent and competing councils. One of the earliest and strongest of these was known as the Council of Rome. This was where the first vampires developed as a way to extend the lives and power of the council members. They waged war against the Israelites and then the Christians until Christianity was adopted by the Roman State, at which point the group became more covert and started to call themselves Manus, or The Hand.

    Through most of the Medieval era The Hand controlled primarily Italy and England as well as some Eastern European states and warred with the Temple and The Order. The industrial revolution began a decline in the power of supernaturals but the Hand was still able to exert significant control over much of the new world including Australia and many of the economic powerhouses of the US.

    World War Two broke the power of the Hand, the increasing complexity and secrecy of global conflict with the rise of the Cold War was an anathema to the large organizations and they splintered apart into several smaller groups. One year after the supposed defeat of Et-Aral however several in the supernatural community started advocating for greater cohesion, the need to return to larger, more powerful groups to safeguard the world and The Hand began to regather its strength.

  • The opposition of Et-Aral and related hypernatural threats.

    Creating and cultivating human assets for The Hand.

    Using Mind Control, drugs, addiction, financial or social pressure, coercion, blackmail or bribery to turn individuals into assets for The Hand willing to spy on their neighbours, provide intelligence, provide blood, or help to blackmail/coerce new assets, or provide assistance through their workplace, or through laundering resources or helping in social manipulation.

    Manipulating conversations and social environments to promote Hand friendly positions, such as meritocratic over democratic ideals, individual freedoms and in supernaturally aware society, the inability of humans to self-govern and the natural right of supernaturals to use their abilities whenever they wish.

    Spreading domination of the financial world by controlling business owners or other financially significant individuals, owning businesses and banks.

    Spreading domination of the political world by controlling voters, government officials and politicians.

    Spreading domination of the media by controlling bloggers, social media accounts, journalists and media companies.

    Convincing enemies to defect to the Hand.

    Using punishment/reward incentives to train humans or low esteem co-workers into being better, more obedient and more useful to The Hand.

    Punishing those who try to stand up to The Hand or otherwise resist its inevitable world domination.