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Dreamworlds are small pockets within the dreamscape which have their own continuity and environment. They are made by PCs and can be anything the PC can imagine from fantasy environments to sci-fi to more grounded ones or even things based on works of existing fiction. The only limit is their imagination.

After creating and accessing a dreamworld, the original author can choose to enter it either as a normal dreamer or as the god of that world. As the god they are invisible and can do emotes without their name in them, they can also probe stats. PCs earn more dreamscape experience when playing in this mode, PCs also earn a small amount of all dreamscape experience earned in their dreamworld whenever they are online.

Characters who wander the nightmare as spectres will see doors appear randomly to other worlds they can enter.

Calendar events with a dreamworld in the location will have the author set as Anonymous under calendar info and calendar list.

Abandoned dreamworlds are archived here.

List of Dreamworlds

Boston 2100, Dark Castle, Epsilon 7, Rebellion, Survival Games, The City Of Dis, The Dark Forest, The Foundation, The Fractured States, The Legendsof Butchers Bay, The Wasteland, World War West,

List of Dream Characters

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