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  • Birthdate: 11.09.1991
  • Gender: Female
  • Timezone: GMT -4 (East Coast USA)

About Me

Hola. Hi. Hello. The majority of you know me as Salvation, with various rude monikers I'm sure, being that I openly state I'm sort of a huge bitch. I'm that person who will shoot down your ideas on the forums. I tend to play a plethora of low-key supernaturals or naturals who fall in line with ultra-realism because Superman Supernaturals give me a headache.

I believe in transparency, hence why I'm leaving a trail of my previous characters. That way, you know who you're RPing with. I don't include all of my active character names, however.

Characters: Haven 5.0

Name Supernatural? Affiliation
Daciana? Gifted The Boys, The Hand
Elena Voronin Aged Vampire Ultra
Emilia Wilson Pillar of the Community The Hand
Layla? Important Local N/A
Wilhemina Sartini? Local N/A
Supernatural/Natural: 1/4

Characters: Haven 4.0

Name Supernatural? Affiliation
Alexis Day? Local N/A
Cassandra Johnson? Human The Temple
Dahlia Vandrake? Faeborn The Winter Court
Elsie? Dreamchild? Blackfield Clinic
Eve Rosenberg? Important Local+ The Order
Jillian Sinombre Important Local N/A
Lulu King? Local+ N/A
Magpie Matthews? Local The Clinic
Marjorie Levesque Soldier+ The Temple
Mercedes? Werewolf The House of Refuge
Moonbeam Fernsby? Gifted None
Odette Sweet? Demigoddess Schrodinger's Democratic Party
Rohesia Greye? Wildling Blackfield Academy
#52: Roxanne? Werewolf - Cybernetic Project Fenrir
Trinity Hensley? Local+ The Augury
Supernatural/Natural: 4/11

Characters: Haven 3.0

Name Supernatural? Affiliation
Name? Unknown Unknown
Adriana Arkwright Local+ Arkwrights?
Audra Viner? Natural Haven Preparatory Academy
Dawn MacPhearson? Natural Temple Security
Geneva Jekyll-Gray? Werewolf Hand, Redmist
Lavinia Nova? Demonborn The Osiri, Gehenna
Monroe Peifer? Local Haven Prep Academy
Roxane Vogt? Gifted Carnelian Library
Thatcher Williams Dabbler Temple, The Coven
Supernatural/Natural: 3/3 Leader/Other: 2/4 Ambiant/Other: 1/5
Hand: 1 Order: 0 Temple: 1

Past Characters: Haven 2.0

Name Supernatural? Affiliation
Addison St. James? Natural Black Widows
Ainsley de Luca? Passive Demigod Unfactioned
Amanda Wilks? Passive Demigod Unfactioned; HHS
Ansel Graves? Werewolf Unfactioned
Cecilia Inigo? Vampire The Hand; The Inigos
Charlie 'Toots' Honeysett? War Demigod The Hand
Elizabeth van de Laar? Vampire The Hand?
Faerydae Baker? Passive Demigod Paranormalist Society
Fay White? Passive Demonborn The Order
Frances Black? Timeswept Natural N/A
Georgiana Vega? Passive Demigod N/A
Jamie Webber? Soldier Keeper
Jayne Lyons? Witch Unfactioned
Johanna 'Haley' Dean? Siren Unfactioned
Josephine Druggan? Vampire The Hand
Kirsi Wyght? Natural The Order; Vampire Court
Kizzy Salisbury? Reanimated Dead The Temple
Lia Inigo? Passive Demonborn The Inigos
Lilija Ozolins? Passive Angelborn The Temple
Mackenzie Allan? Natural N/A
Mercy Daniels? Natural The Keepers
Molly Crewe? Werewolf SPS?
Reagan St. Clair? Passive Demigod Unfactioned
Rhiannon Crewe? Passive Faeborn Unfactioned
Ruth Moore? Natural MooreFamily?
Sumayya Cavanaugh? Passive Faeborn Unfactioned
Valentine Villeneuve? Siren The Order; Unfactioned
Supernatural/Natural: 8/12 Leader/Other: 3/17 Ambiant/Other: 11/9
Hand: 4 Order: 3 Temple: 2

Past Characters: Haven 1.0

Name Supernatural? Affiliation
Amity 'Amy' Evans? Artificer The Temple
Brynn Mallery? Soldier The Syndicate
Claire Hobbs? Pyromancer Unfactioned; The Hand
Daisy Swift? Deer Shifter Unfactioned
Elle Inigo? Wight The Inigos
Kincaid Thompson? Natural Unfactioned; HHS
Kinsey Anne? Nightmare The Hand
Lior Landau? Passive Angelborn The Temple
Lulu Anderson? Messenger The Hand
Maelle Villeneuve? Natural The Vampire Court
Maeve Callaghan? Mermaid The Order
Melia Matthews? Nymph The Order
Nimue Fairchild? Natural Unfactioned
Phoebe Werewolf The Order
Rhiannon Whelan? Siren Unfactioned
Ryan Lisbon? Banshee The Order
Sophie Kensington? Werewolf Unfactioned; HHS
Supernatural/Natural: 10/5 Leader/Other: 3/15 Ambiant/Other: 5/10
Hand: 3 Order: 3 Temple: 2