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Story Runners

Story Runners are Haven's version of what might be Game Masters in other RPGs. They are special characters who help create and run RP scenes for players.

They differ to those found in other games in several ways. They do not have unlimited powers though they are given several very handy code tools for doing their job. Anybody can become one once they've played the game for a little while and their ability to create and run RP is based on a trust and vote system ensuring no player ever will be in a position where an SR they don't trust has power over them.

All staff are considered Story Runners, but not all Story Runners are staff. Players are set to automatically at an advanced trust level for staff and a basic level for players Story Runners. If you wish to turn this off, typing "story off" will set your trust level to none for all staff and will indicate that you have no interest in staff run stories.

Active Story Runners

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SR Briar

SR Corey

SR Keira

SR Richard

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SR Tia

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