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Welcome to Haven, a small, innocuous New England town near the coast and only a short commute from Boston. Nestled amongst the forests and not far from the coast the town is home to average townies and university students, but attracts its share of campers and boaters.

It also happens to be the weakpoint between worlds, where creatures of myth and folklore creep across. Drawing a large number of supernatural beings, it is protected and fought over by secret societies.

In order to play, connect the telnet client (MUSHclient / CMUD / MUDlet) of your choice to havenrpg.net:3000

Please be mature and responsible.

Any player is free to use or share any intellectual property of this game including lore and gameplay systems in any way they wish, in whole or in part without limits or attribution.(This does not include anything created by a player)

In News

In the bustling cityscape of Tokyo, amidst the chaos of psychic battles and contested wills, Autumn, Meridith, and Harriet found themselves entangled in a critical mission to sway the Tyrell board's decisions. Early on, the skirmish took on a frenetic pace, with Autumn and Meridith engaging hostile Destined Host soldiers wielding sigil-etched weaponry. Their swift charges and attempts at direct confrontation sparked off with the enemies, indicating the physical manifestations of their psychic struggle. Meanwhile, Harriet, lying in wait, strategically positioned herself to take sniper shots, narrowly missing her comrades amidst the confusion of battle. This tense dance of attack, parry, and evasion underscored the fraught nature of their endeavor.

As the conflict escalated, the trio showcased a mix of tactical retreats, psychic manipulation, and bold charges. Autumn, focused on ritually influencing the Tyrell board members, bore the brunt of the psychic battle's weight. Meridith, ever protective, endeavored to cover Autumn, engaging both soldiers and Harriet in direct combat to secure their mission's success. Their encounters were marked by near-misses, deflected shots, and the relentless push towards their objective. Despite Harriet's formidable opposition and the persistent threat from the Destined Host soldiers, Autumn's continuous psychic influence gradually tipped the scales. The turning point came when Harriet, after a series of exchanges filled with parries, shots, and evasions, faded from the battlefield, allowing Meridith to focus on aiding Autumn in her psychic endeavor. Ultimately, their unwavering determination bore fruit, culminating in the Balanced Alliance's resounding victory, a testament to their resolve and the potency of their combined efforts.
-The Destined Host's operation in Lauriea

Town News
The current MyHaven influencers are Samantha, Tabitha, and Aristotle.
Selina Brightwood was the town's main fashion critic this week, overheard to be saying things like, 'also gorgeous'

Supernatural News
Among the societies, no one has done the best at planning operations this week, The Order at attending them. The Scalebound Covenant has gathered the most resources, The Scalebound Covenant the most alchemical resources. No one has engaged in the most big game hunts, no one in the most other world monster hunts. The Scalebound Covenant in the most society conflict in Haven, no one in the most arcane tasks, no one in the most diplomatic tasks, The Scalebound Covenant has had the best attendence in out of town missions, no one the best at stopping schemes inside town and The Hand has built the most roads.

Warzones, Lima, Peru, Berlin, Germany, Perth, Australia, Marrakesh, Morocco, Yerevan, Armenia, Merida, Mexico, Gharrek, Anupharis, Lauriea, Nissenia, District 82
Conflict Zones, New York, New York, London, England, Cordoba, Argentina, Kyoto, Japan, Auckland, New Zealand, Niamey, Niger, Westrend, Northgard, Rhagost
People are claiming that Solomon Inigo is the most powerful arcanist in town.
Supernatural predators have noticed several particularly vulnerable people this week, Fiona, Olivia, Lilah, Jill, Jack, Solomon, Nathaniel, Jessica.
Societies note several individuals with valuable intelligence, Magnus, Meridith, Selina, Harriet, Samantha.

In the early hours within the unsettling calm of Haven, a tale of desperate measures unfolds. Mikhael, known ominously as the Barghast, is tasked with extracting critical information from Oleen Doyle, a captive woman with connections to temple intelligence. Oleen, steadfast and resilient despite her dire predicament, is subjected to a chilling encounter in a decrepit basement, lit only by a swinging bare bulb that does little to ease the tense atmosphere. Her captor, a menacing figure with fangs and a taste for cruelty, fails to break Oleen's resolve. She defiantly withholds the location of a bomb set to disrupt the Hand unit in San Francisco. Despite threats of prolonged captivity and torture that include invoking the dread of the Barghast and hints at starvation, Oleen remains unyielding, taunting her captor with her steadfast resolve and the certainty that her allies will come for her.

The narrative shifts as Mikhael, opting for a direct approach, arrives at the bleak scene. The Barghast's personal involvement signifies the gravity of the situation. He employs methods that blend psychological warfare with physical intimidation, aiming to exploit Oleen's fears without violating the sanctity of sanctuary—a unique, albeit twisted, honor code among rival factions. The tension escalates as Mikhael, undeterred by Oleen's sneers and defiance, administers a calculated campaign of torment. His actions, marked by a disturbing calmness, demonstrate a chilling expertise in extracting information through pain without leaving lasting damage, a testament to his ominous reputation. Oleen's resolve is tested to its breaking point by this relentless assault, her spirit unbroken but her situation increasingly desperate.

The climax of this harrowing encounter arrives in a manifestation of dire consequences and bargaining. Oleen, pushed to the limits of human endurance, reveals the bomb's location—Knob Hill—in a desperate bid to extinguish the literal and figurative flames encircling her. This moment of capitulation, coerced through fear and pain, marks a dark victory for Mikhael but leaves the ultimate success of his mission—an evocation of fear and the prevention of the bombing—shrouded in uncertainty. The outcome of this brutal exchange, while immediately resolving the crisis at hand, leaves lingering questions about the lengths to which individuals will go to protect their own, and the moral cost of such victories in the shadowy conflict that envelops Haven.
-Mikhael's odd encounter(SRElanora)

At the base of Mount Galdhopiggen, a group of adventurers from the House of Shemra stood facing a daunting task. Their mission was to retrieve the legendary Dragon's Heart Ruby, a gem of unparalleled power and beauty, rumored to be hidden deep within a cavernous labyrinth inside the mountain. The cavern was known for its treacherous paths and had claimed the lives of many who dared to explore its depths.

The team was met by members of the House of Odin, who offered a veiled warning about the dangers that lay ahead and the impossibility of navigating the abyss that awaited. Despite the ominous greeting, the adventurers pressed on, bound by a shared goal and a steadfast commitment to their cause.

Meridith, a figure of determination and strength, led the charge. She was accompanied by Sara, Trevor, Magnus, Calista, Autumn, and Abby. Together, they embarked on a journey fraught with peril, encountering obstacles that tested their resolve and pushed them to their limits.

As they ventured deeper into the cave, the group faced relentless challenges. They encountered skeletons of fallen adventurers, hints of the deadly trials that had thwarted others before them. Yet, undeterred, they pressed on, driven by a shared sense of purpose and the guidance of Meridith.

Their unity and determination eventually led them to a colossal chamber where they confronted a trapped and anguished dragon spirit. It was a testament to the adventurers' resolve that they chose to free the spirit, despite the danger it posed. Their act of mercy did not go unnoticed. The dragon, acknowledging their bravery and selflessness, granted them access to its treasure hoard, among which lay the coveted Dragon's Heart Ruby.

However, their triumph was short-lived as they were betrayed by the House of Odin. A tense and fierce battle ensued at the entrance of the cave, with the adventurers fighting valiantly against their assailants. As explosions threatened to seal their fate, it was their unwavering faith in Shemra that ultimately saved them. They formed a circle, joined hands, and offered a prayer to their Eidolon. In response, Shemra herself intervened, pulling each adventurer to safety in the heart of her mountain in Haven.

The adventure concluded with the group safely united in Shemra's mountain, weary but victorious. They had faced unimaginable trials, fought bravely against betrayal, and forged unbreakable bonds in the flames of adversity. The Dragon's Heart Ruby was theirs, but more importantly, they had each other, a treasure far greater than any gem.
-The Dragon's Heart Ruby(SRSelina)

In the shadowed corridors of a New York City trapped within a nightmare, at the heart of a silent battle for the soul of the real world, Meridith embarked on a perilous mission. The Sapphire Martyrs, a faction committed to the ultimate act of destruction as an act of transcendence, sought to dominate the city entirely, thereby unleashing a chain of cataclysmic events designed to sever the earthly realm from its cosmic anchors. Meridith, amidst the haunting ambiance of a night veiled with partial clouds under a waxing crescent moon, found herself in a relentless dance of death and defiance. With the temperature caressing the edge of comfort at 66°F, her every move was a testament to her resolve, a ranging shot sparking off against the urban backdrop, a charged assault met with the cold response of enemy gunfire. Yet, in her heart, the cause was clear: to challenge the impending doom concocted by the Martyrs, to stand as the last line of defense against the unraveling of worlds.

As the night wore on, draped in the latent tension of fate hanging in balance, Meridith's journey transformed into a symphony of survival and aggression. Alley by alley, street by street, she contested the Martyrs' soldiers with a blend of precision and ferocity, her elegant rapier a blur against the looming threat. Objects flew in chaotic arcs, a testament to the unseen forces at play, as soldier after soldier faded from this nightmarish plane under her relentless onslaught. Yet, it was not through might alone that the tide began to turn but through an unwavering dedication to the objective, a relentless push towards domination—a paradox in its necessity to prevent the very domination she fought against. In the end, as the last of the Martyr soldiers faded out of existence, and Meridith advanced towards her goal, the conclusion was met not with the silence of destruction but with the victory of the Balanced Alliance. Against all odds, through a haze of trials and tribulations, the mission to save the world from the brink of demise concluded with the preservation of balance, ushering in a silent dawn of relief and contemplation over the city that never sleeps.
-The Sapphire Martyrs's operation in New York, New York

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