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Welcome to Haven, a small, innocuous New England town near the coast and only a short commute from Boston. Nestled amongst the forests and not far from the coast the town is home to average townies and university students, but attracts its share of campers and boaters.

It also happens to be the weakpoint between worlds, where creatures of myth and folklore creep across. Drawing a large number of supernatural beings, it is protected and fought over by secret societies.

In order to play, connect the telnet client (MUSHclient / CMUD / MUDlet) of your choice to havenrpg.net:3000

Please be mature and responsible.

Any player is free to use or share any intellectual property of this game including lore and gameplay systems in any way they wish, in whole or in part without limits or attribution.(This does not include anything created by a player)

In News

On a calm Wednesday afternoon, the serenity of Haven library's foyer is shattered by a shriek that pierces the air from outside. Claire, mid-conversation with a librarian about a book order, instinctively reaches for a handgun that's not there due to her outfit choices. Faced with a hysterical woman screaming for help to save her "baby" from a spruce tree, the library's patrons provide no help, merely recording the event on their phones. Resigned to her ruined outfit, Claire makes the bold decision to assist. She kicks off her heels for better traction and rips her skirt for mobility before bravely scaling the pine needle laden tree despite the scratches and tears to her stockings.

As Claire climbs higher, she faces setbacks both emotional and physical—feline mockery from a branch just out of reach, chilling winds against her scantily clad form, and the revelation that the "baby" is actually a child claiming to be a shifter and refusing to come down over a denied ice cream treat by his stepmother. With a mixture of irritation and concern, Claire insists they descend for safety. The boy, defiant and possessing shapeshifting abilities, transforms into a cat and tries to escape higher into the tree. Claire desperately grabs the cat mid-leap, only to fall through the branches with the child, barely managing to stop their fall just feet from the ground. Onlookers watch as the boy's stepmother yanks him from Claire without gratitude, and as the crowd dissipates, the hero is left alone, her efforts unrecognized and unthanked, a true sacrifice for a community that moves on too swiftly.
-Claire's odd encounter(SRCarmine)

In their tranquil stroll through the strangely paved campus, Savannah and Casey's mundane conversation is interrupted by an unsettling coldness and the odd opening of a door to a pitch-black room. Both women, ever-prepared, produce flashlights to investigate the darkness. Within, they discover a disturbing sight: a teenage boy hanging from the ceiling rope, appearing dead, yet unnaturally twitching as if reanimated. Savannah rushes to lift the boy as Casey hesitantly assists, only for both to realize the deception too late; the boy is a ghost and the rope, possessed, attacks, entwining itself around Casey's neck, drawing her to peril.

The ghostly encounter escalates as Savannah valiantly fights to cut the strangling rope with her knife, piercing through its supernatural resilience. The poltergeist's wrath unleashes a maelstrom within the office; inanimate objects levitate and zoom dangerously through the space. Despite being wounded by the projectile office supplies, Savannah prevails in freeing Casey from her noose-like bonds. Then, as the malevolent force accuses them as if they were the cause of its vengeance-driven anger, Casey's bleeding blood offering and forceful command finally pacify the poltergeist's fury. With the office now eerily silent save for the debris of their conflict, the two women emerge battered but alive, having survived an encounter that could have otherwise been their end.
-Savannah's odd encounter(SRKylia)

Evelynn, a mysterious figure skilled in the dark arts, was in the midst of a ritual at her secluded cabin when she was interrupted by frantic knocking at the door. The disturbance was caused by a junior member of their shadowy organization, desperately seeking help to rescue her child, Jonas, from the clutches of the Vampire Court. Evelynn, with a sense of obligation and visible trepidation upon hearing the Court mentioned, decided to assist the woman. She armed herself and rode her bike to the graveyard where the children were last seen, guided by the scent of blood. Through a mixture of stealth and intimidation, Evelynn confronted an outlaw vampire at the graveyard. His pleas and offers of a sinister partnership fell on deaf ears; Evelynn incapacitated him with a strike to the head. She then discovered the chained children in a tent and, resisting her own vampiric hunger, freed them and directed them to safety, thus fulfilling her grim task.

Meanwhile, Kylia, another member of their cloaked fraternity, received an urgent notification about a wanted criminal known as Richard 'Vagabond' Thistle. Kylia, ever resourceful, donned her concealed weapons and set off in her luxury car to his last known location. Using her wits, she severed the power to his hideout—a neglected trailer—to flush him out. When confrontation became inevitable, Kylia, recognizing the man from his description, decided to employ a mixture of deception and diplomacy. Shedding her pretense, she confronts Thistle as he emerges, disoriented by the power cut. Instead of capturing or killing the man, she offers him a warning and a headstart to flee, then retreats, leaving his fate in his own hands. Whether out of mercy, strategy, or another unknown motive, Kylia temporarily spared the Vagabond, with the future of their potential encounter left uncertain.
-Evelynn's odd encounter(SRSarah)

The Hand and The Temple face-off in a chaotic encounter amidst the forests near New York. The Hand members, including Deacon and Kylia, charge toward various points of cover as they engage in a fierce firefight with their rivals. Despite a misfire from Declan, the teams altercate, exchanging fire and attempting to outmaneuver each other, with Samantha taking strategic shots and Harriet consistently aiming at weak points. Deacon's gun jams amidst the mayhem, while Kylia makes controversial statements, trying to disseminate The Hand's misinformation under the guise of righteous supremacy. Tension escalates as The Hand starts to lose ground, declan's and several others' weapons jam, and allies like Evelynn fade from the gruesome spectacle.

As the conflict barrels towards a climax, members of The Temple, Carter and Harriet, along with Cailyn, seem to gain the upper hand. The Hand's operatives progressively falter and fade out of the nightmare, like Samantha and Deacon. Harriet and Carter fire upon Kylia, eventually causing her to give up her pursuit and fade too. Harriet and Cailyn try to take refuge behind rocks and exchange playful puns with Carter throughout the skirmish, suggesting a momentary respite and camaraderie in the heat of battle. But, as more third-party opportunists appear, the momentum shifts — Sarah falls, Carter gets wounded and fades as well. In a last stand, Cailyn shines brightly with luminescence before she too fades, leaving Harriet outnumbered, to eventually wane as the fight concludes. The frayed alliances and strategies crumble in the unforgiving landscape as both sides assess the aftermath of their forest encounter.
-The Hand's operation in New York, New York

In the quiet of a frosty night near Minsk, Belarus, a conflict unfolds as forces endeavor to establish—or prevent—the consolidation of a Forward Operating Base by the Order. The scene is set under a shrouded moon as skirmishes break out between various actors within a village ripe with tension. Kylia, a quick and precise combatant, narrowly avoids enemy fire and retaliates with her own shots, sparking near an opponent's feet. Declan and others charge towards strategic points while Harriet delegates leadership. Amidst the chaos, mystical elements weave through the battle; runes are drawn by Samantha, and a puppet animated by Carter begins to move independently. Shots are exchanged, arrows are loosed by Tomas and others, and amidst the shadows and whispered commands, a plan forms to assault a critical hut.

As the fight intensifies, the hut becomes a focal point of attack, damaged repeatedly by Kylia, Peyton, and others as the militia's cover fades. Allies coordinate under the taut chain of command, shifting between cover and objectives. Assailing the hut continues while strategies evolve, and personal exchanges punctuate the gunfight—a mix of tactical precision and relationship dynamics under the umbrella of war, as seen when Kylia eyes the horizon and hypes the prospects for future successes in New York. Eventually, though, continual efforts result in a victory for the infiltrating forces. The demolishment of the hut cover signifies their win, manifesting a subtle camaraderie and shared struggle amidst the battlefield's cold and lethal dance.

In conclusion, the determined group persists through the firefight, sustaining their campaign against the crumbling defenses of the autonomist militia. As the enemy fades, a scene of camaraderie is threaded through the grappling of shifting loyalties and the tangible tension of the supernatural political landscape. The mission's goal is ultimately achieved through resilience and united effort. Despite the undercurrents of personal entanglements and rivalries exposed during the strategic maneuvers and the heated moments of combat, the result is the establishment of a FOB for the Order, solidifying their position in a move that nods to future implications for their influence and presence in the region. The Hand's strategic victory is sealed as the last antagonistic forces phase out of existence, leaving their efforts imprinted on the once-contested soils of Belarus.
-The Order's operation in Minsk, Belarus

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